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ADHD in Canada


Morning, Just joined this group and am looking forward to seeing what I can learn. I have a 9 year old ADHD son and 3 other children (all too young to see whether they are going to follow in their brothers footsteps, but I think we are in the clear with the 7 yr old). The more I learn and read the more I am sure I am also ADHD, it explain many of my struggles and now and through out my life. My husband feels this is a plus because I will have a better understanding of what he is thinking, I sure hope so! He is currently non medicated and we focus on a healthy diet but there are days… He seems to struggle with emotions more than anything.
We live in Eastern Ontario near Ottawa.


Welcome to the group!  I think you’ll find ADDconnect very helpful and informative.  I live just outside of Toronto.  My favourite author is Dr. Russel Barkley.  There is a great YouTube video called “Essential Ideas for Parents” by him.  That may help you with info. as well.

Posted by staypositive on Nov 25, 2013 at 9:41pm

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