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Is MEDICATION good for me???

Hi have lots of indecisive thoughts on if I should try and start taking medication and have NO real experience for myself any how. I would really appreciate any feed back of other people’s opinions?

Short intro about me: I meet 95% of all ADHD assessment’s I’ve personally took for myself. My daughter is diagnosed with ADHD, and son. It’s a given my mom etc. does too.

I took Concerta for almost 2 weeks at the 27mg long acting. And noticed no different from any other “adhd” day. Basically im always losing IMPORT. things when I just had them, to screwing up times days etc. With work related stuff, to my normal impulsive behavior threw out each day, to major procrastination on everything everyday. Quick mood swings, get pissy easily, annoyed and major Axiety and top it off…. my head never wants to SHUT UP! Always thinking about past, yesterday, today and future all at same time, what I’m going to do, what had happen etc. Mind never rest, and snappy with my family when they either say something I don’t like that’s rude or PTSD triggering.

Yeah I’ve been diagnosed with long term PTSD. Usually it’s under control when I’m not being triggered. That alone is a roller coaster of outburst and emotional tears seem to be really hard to control. I’m seeing a counselor now for all above and i feel doubtful of her help or knowledge for All Symptoms

OH… so I got off topic. Meant To Say for the concerta I stopped taking it. Because it doesn’t effect me at all. So gave up instantly and annoyed feel like it’s a COMPLETE WASTE of my time and DRY MOUTH. So my dr. Just described the generic brand for Adderall 2 times a day fast acting starting at 27mg. I haven’t bothered picking up meds from pharmacy. Assuming it’s going to be me, adding junk into my body, when it’s not going to help me.

ESPECIALLY when I read SO MANY articles about how Adderall changed there partner for the worst. The things these people all mentioned was outburst, get mad pissy easily, snappy. Well dam… that’s me now and I’m not on Adhd meds.

There is only one side I’ve told u so far about me. Here is the other half. I’m very loving, fun, adventurous, my family is #1 and everyone around me knows it, I show it well. I care for others and go WAY OUT OF MY WAY to help people before my own needs. I hold a lot in when felt hurt by others untill I can’t take it and snap, or get mad in a outburst response of very mean but true to the point words. But same time I regret how I went about it, because I end up looking like the bad guy.

Im A survivor of Domestic Violence from a 8 yr abusive relationship. I’m remarried now, husband adopted my 3 oldest kids. We have 2 together. So I have 5 kids now. I love my life even tho everyday I can have challenges, stress about making sure I’m making money, kids are getting there needs met, sports and camping time is being met and I’m constantly in work mode, seeking work opertunitys. I’m a self contractor. I’m very high energy and self driven, and I feel secretly OVER WHELMED, STRESSED, AXIETY all the time.

Everyone who meets me or knows me besides my immediate family. Who found out I was adhd. Said I hide it well, they would of never thought I was. My husband constantly tells me how much he loves me, but also stresses how difficult I am, when I get stressed out because I lost something, miss apt, can’t find something, get snappy and pissy easily and can get real mad with my words quick temper when arguing with him. Even tho he can be quick temper too. Over all he is relaxed and can well manage his emotions and i can not. On flip side I’m the most PATIENT person with strangers, friends most family members and 95% with kids! My kids, strangers kids and fam/friends kids loves me, my house and NEVER wants to leave. So I know I’m not all that bad of a person with ADHD and not on medication. How ever o don’t like everyday to be so challenging!

SO OUT THE DOOR… my short intro goes. Sorry!

I’m afraid of what this medication can do to me, that I am already? People talk about all these side effects. Does this MEAN these side effects could triple with me because I already sound like a side effect??????

PLEASE ANY BODY with these own experience thoughts. I open up as much as I can about me to get the best advice and help. I’m desperate and afraid that this new journey to medication could DESTROY me more or my relationship.


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