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Christians With ADHD

It's now 2014 here in Mid-Kansas

Well, it’s no longer 2013 here in Mid Kansas, and I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t yield to the temptation to go ahead and “turn into a pumpkin” earlier rather than later. Everyone else has posted their “Happy New Year’s” greetings on facebook (or wherever),  but I haven’t. It all seems rather anticlimactic.

So, what’s new about that? I’ve always been apathetic about this celebration thing; especially after an experience when I was perhaps 11 or 12. I was visiting a farm that New Year’s Eve with my mother. One of my brothers family lived there with his parents-in-law and his new family, and we had come to help after the birth of a baby (can’t rightly recall which child that was).

Midnight was approaching, and I got Mom to allow me to step out the back door and fire off a shot gun—“Only once.” Any more was wasteful. At the stroke of 12:00 AM, I stepped out, pointed the shotgun up and away from anything that might be damaged, and I pulled the trigger.

I can tell you that I was not prepared for my reaction. It was more like, “MEH” than it wasn’t. I thought, Why in the world would anyone get excited about one more midnight? Why would I celebrate one more passing day any more than any other? Why would I wait until some artificial time to wish someone well in the coming year? Isn’t every day; every moment; the start of a whole “new year?” (especially for someone experiencing ADD) Shouldn’t each moment of my life be lived in that expectation? Shouldn’t I wish everyone a happy future every moment of every new beginning?

And so, I try to live in that attitude.

It isn’t easy for me to do, since I am an Adult ADD person. Not every moment of my life is serendipitous. There are depressing times (although I don’t suffer from chronic depression), just because things don’t always go well and as an ADD I am prone in the moment to exaggerate the importance of a coffee spill or a trip over a kitchen rug. In those times it’s not uncommon; rather it is quite common for me to blurt out some epithet at the rug or at myself or at whatever has interrupted my calm of my moment.

In those moments it is precisely because, like Moses, “I am a man of unclean lips” that I often feel unworthy to even pray to God for strength. Still, I suck it up and pray anyway. Sometimes the prayer is an epithet. Sometimes it is a simple confession, “Lord, it hurts!” Sometimes, depending on other health concerns of the day(s), it takes several days before I can return to an “even keel” and regain a semblance of calm, but my experience has always been that during my darkest hours, that’s when I feel God’s presence the more; when I feel the assurance that things will be better in the New Times coming.

In that spirit, I wish you all a happy new year; for every day of every year, and I invite you to join me in mine.


Loved this. Happy New Year to all!

Posted by chrisd on Jan 01, 2014 at 11:38am

Happy new year to you as well. it was a bit of a surprise to see that there was somebody else out there from central Kansas. My wife and I live on a farm south of Great bend. We have a small herd of Black Angus cows, my wife works for the college. I looked up your profile and I see you live in Hutchinson, I know it well, I was just there last week to see one of my doctors. I was 42yo when I was diagnosed, even though I am a young punk at 53yo I was also raised in that era that was ignorant of ADD.. I grew up in the old Greensburg, the one before the tornado, I have not been back since, (my dad was still living there).
I have been with ADDconnect pretty much from the very beginning and you are the first person from KS that I have run into, and a Christian none the less. I hope you had a Christ filled Christmas, and once again happy new year and God bless you and yours.

Posted by Rancher John on Jan 01, 2014 at 7:11pm

Interesting, RJ. My parents were raised at Greensburg and at Mullinville. I spent a few months in cleanup and rebuilding at Greensburg after the tornado.

Connect with me on Facebook, and the next time you come to Hutch, jingle me. I’d love to have coffee with you. (

As for the Christ filled Christmas, how can I live without it? In my darkest of times, when in my disappointments and fears I have tried to push God away; even cursed God; those are the times when I feel God pulling me closer, under his protective wing.


Posted by Mack on Jan 01, 2014 at 9:11pm

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