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ADHD in Washington

Lakewood, WA

Hi, I only came upon this site yesterday and found myself crying after finding so many similiarities with those on the website.  I live in Lakewood WA and looking for a support group in the area.  I am a Case Worker for Brain Injury Association of WA and also have ADHD which has been exacerbated by a traumatic brain injury 2011.  I am having problems with organization, attention, moods lability, anger outbursts and due to memory loss, when I get distracted, I can’t rmember what is was I was supposed to be doing.  I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

Replies hosts an Adult support group in Tacoma on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. (At Tacoma General Hospital) November’s is tomorrow, but we’ll be meeting in December as well. See the website under Support for more information. JRJ

Posted by JRJ on Nov 13, 2013 at 6:27am

Hello Huseman7,

I just found this website myself - posting for the first time tonight.  First let me just extend my compliments to you for the work you do with those who have suffered brain injuries.  A much-needed and I’m sure challenging career choice, for which you deserve more praise than you probably receive.  I’ve had alot of contact with those who had suffered traumatic brain injuries, when I was a client of Neurological Vocational Services at Harborview hospital in Seattle.  I’ve never had a severe head injury, but have had epilepsy for about 30 years now.

Second, let me just say that I can appreciate what you’re saying about how your various conditions exacerbate one another.  I’ve spent far too many years riding that “vicious cycle”!  I have a grocery list of disabilities myself, and nearly all of them involve the unique way my very special brain is wired!  My disabilities get along wonderfully, and love to offer one another support and encouragement….lol.

One final note…you were moved to tears when you read so many familiar stories?  I wanted you to know I totally understand.  I remember the exact moment that happened to me (for the first time).  I was at Borders books looking at the self-help books on ADHD, and I saw one that resonated so completely:
“You mean I’m not lazy, crazy, or stupid?”  I let out a sob in the bookstore aisle and the tears just ran down my cheeks.  I wasn’t diagnosed until I was over forty, which means that for several decades I received the helpful message from family, teachers, bosses, that all the challenges I was inexplicably encountering
were the result of my own character flaws…

I really thought that my ADD symptoms (I have the primarily inattentive subtype) were all just “quirks of my personality”.  Imagine my surprise the first time I met other people with the same brain design, and discovered that there was a whole population of us who shared that “personality”!

Welcome, and I hope things get better for you…

Posted by Blood-Phoenix on Nov 20, 2013 at 9:26am


Thank you for your post.  I’m a new member, and was wondering if I could ask for some advice.

Someone just recently recommended to me that I try a therapy…I can’t remember if they referred to it as “neuro-feedback” or “bio-feedback” to be honest.  I apologize for knowing so little about either one that the difference is lost on me.  I believe the suggestion was made that it might be helpful in lowering my blood pressure.

I have a number of issues that tend to feed off one another: Attention Deficit Disorder (Inattentive), Epilepsy, chronic Depression caused by a seratonin deficiency, and sleep apnea.  I’m on various meds, and use a C-Pap for the apnea.  Unfortunately, the medication I was put on for ADD shortly after my diagnosis (which worked WONDERS for me) made my blood pressure and heart rate dangerously high,
and the doctor insisted I stop taking it.  After having that brief taste of how profoundly different my life could be, I want it back, and have been exploring various options to get my blood pressure down.

I see a general practitioner, have occasional check-ups with a neurologist, and recently have also started seeing a naturopath on a regular basis.  She has been able to alleviate some of my symptoms, and she and I have outlined a plan to improve my over-all health and lower my blood pressure.

What I’m now wondering is whether or not some sort of feedback-therapy might not only help my hypertension, but my ADD directly, and possibly other neurological issues I have.

What would you recommend as a first step, and where can I find out more information about local practitioners?  Thank you in advance for your help!

Posted by Blood-Phoenix on Nov 20, 2013 at 9:39am

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