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ADHD in Iowa

Looking for Someone in Des Moines that works with adults with ADD

Hello. I am adult and believe I have attention deficit disorder, but was never diagnosed as a child. I have read numerous books and articles on Adult ADHD and so much of what I read is just like I’m reading my “own story”. I have so many similarities to other individuals stories. I have also taken the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale ASRS-V1, which indicates that my symptoms may be consistent with Adult ADHD. I am looking for a provider in the Des Moines or surrounding area that has experience working with adults with attention deficit disorder. I have looked online, contacted CHADD and have not been able to get the name of anyone in the vicinity of Des Moines that works with adults with ADD or that tests adults with ADD. I have seen two practitioners. One basically told me that I couldn’t have ADD because I wasn’t diagnosed as a child, and the other place I went said they don’t do any kind of testing and told me there was nobody in Des Moines that works with adults with ADD, which I find hard to believe. However, I have still not found anyone. If anyone out their has any information or resources I would be so grateful if you would pass that along to me. Thanks!!


Hi there….
We have gone thru the same process of locating specialists.  Those Drs that think a person needs a childhood diagnosis of ADD in order to have it as an adult are so clueless.  Many fall thru the cracks and never get diagnosed.  It took me years to pinpoint the ADD….  but one day the light bulb came on.

Anyway, if you go to the websites of the different Psychiatric groups there in Des Moines, you need to look at each Dr’s personal data.  Like ‘About Dr So & So’  They will list the different Psychiatric areas that they specialize in.  Usually Psychiatrists don’t specialize in every mental disorder.
Or you could call the supervisor of the office and say that you would like to get an evaluation for ADD…  they will direct you. 
If you need a referral from your Dr to make a Psych appt, call your primary care Dr office and speak with your Dr’s nurse and tell her you need to get this ADD evaluation. She will check with your Dr who may want to see you first or they might opt to go ahead and make the referral to the Dr of your choice.  Yes, you can do the homework first and figure out what Dr you will want to go to.

Getting the ADD eval is one thing… what you do from thereafter is another thing.  Reading some good ADD books help to educate you about ADD and what you can do about it.  Just taking a pill does not solve it all.  Learning everything you can is a process of becoming mindful…  and learning a few things at a time to start doing to make your life better.
It’s a process….  but the fact that you are searching is a fantastic way to start.  You are not in denial….  you care about yourself and those around you…  you are doing good things for yourself.
God Bless you….  pray…  God will help you, too!

Posted by BS&Tears; on Apr 09, 2014 at 7:11pm

Kavalier and Associates
West Des Moines

Posted by Non-ADHD mom of 3 & wife on Aug 27, 2014 at 2:23pm

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