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ADHD in Women

Looking for input...

I was diagnosed with ADD 6 months ago and put on methylphenidate short acting, long acting and now on Concerta 72 mgs. I am in recovery for pain med abuse so the short acting were sort of like a trigger in that I had a lot in the bottle, had to watch the clock, waiting to take it…you get the idea. Now, Ritalin and stimulants have never been my drug of choice but I still feel like either the dosage is wrong or I don’t know what. My metabolism is very fast and where Concerta will last for some for 10-12 hours will last for me for about maybe 6-8 hours. My life has changed for the better since being diagnosed and being on the medication, but I have to be very careful and clear about things. Anyone else out there in recovery for one thing or another? I mean, ya know, besides having ADD/ADHD? Ha! I have a good Dr. who knows me and my history and I need some guidance as far as what to say to him about all of this. I know 72 mgs is probably the highest he will go but…I still start the “Ritalin Crash” way too early in the night. Your thoughts are appreciated. I just want to know that I am not alone…


One of the things that you should know is that people with ADD/ADHD can get into trouble with medication.  You already know that due to the earlier problems with pain meds.  If your doctor does not know about that already, then be sure to mention it.

A :fast metabolism” could mean that there are other health conditions going on a the same time, so you might want to test for those via your family doctor to be sure that there is nothing else working against you and your medications.

Every doctor you see should receive a full history and a list of the medications taht you are currently taking, as well as a list of those that you have had bad reactions to.  Trust me, you do not need interactions to mess things up even more.

Contact the prescribing doctor of your ADD meds and let him/her know what it happening with the duration of the medications.  There are timed release versions of meny meds and those should be trued before making big changes in your dosing.

Where medications for ADD are concerned, it is rare for the right med to be found on the first try.  Some of us have had to change them numerous times before finding the best medication or combination of them for us.  It is rather “trial and error” at the pharmacy.

I hope that helps a bit.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Dec 05, 2013 at 9:20am

For what it’s worth, I take Concerta in the am and on days when I work late or need more “help” after the Concerta wears off, I take a 10mg Ritalin. Usually this is when I’m pulling long hours at work. I usually also feel the drug fading around 8 hours. If I know I really need to focus later into the day, I take the 10mg around hour 8 to avoid it impacting my sleep. The 10mg lasts about 3-4 hours for me. I’m sure everyone is different though.
If possible, you might also try giving yourself a day or two a week off meds. In my experience this helps make the drugs more effective overall and helped minimize some of the crash/desensitivity.
Also I echo the previous comment that it can be hard to find the right fit with meds on the 1st or even 3rd try. Keep communicating with your doc. When I was diagnosed about 15 years ago there weren’t nearly as many meds on the market as there are now. I’ve tried others, incl non-stimulants but kept finding that the methylphenidate products work best for me. Good luck!

Posted by More2Learn on Dec 05, 2013 at 10:31am

Read Wendy Richardson’s books, The Link Between ADD & Addiction, &, When Too Much Isn’t Enough.  She writes exclusively on ADD & addiction, & is in recovery herself, a therapist, & has ADHD.

Posted by LCK on Dec 06, 2013 at 4:12am

Thanks to all of you. My Dr. gave me 10 mgs of ritalin to take so I don’t go falling asleep at 7 o’ clock at night. All of my Dr’s have all of my information on my past and recent history. I made sure of that. I am here to learn from all of you and to trust that my body, my docs and my add/adhd ladies (you!) will get me where I need to go. Along with my sobriety, this was the other diagnoses that came along and by taking medication and going to therapy my life has changed ten-fold. I always just want to make sure that I am being honest and forthright. I will look into that book LCK. Sounds like it would be something I need to read…

Posted by jenyerhot on Dec 07, 2013 at 7:37am

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