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ADHD in Women

Med continuity....

I have inattentive ADHD and have an appt tmrw to reevaluate my meds. I work evenings and take 20mg Adderol at 2 pm and then a 10 @ 6:30 to get me through the end of my shift. No problems sleeping and the extended release did not work for me.
I was told by my primary care doc that she couldn’t do anything for me as far as prescribing meds for the am…rather wouldn’t, I’d say,  so I’ve switched to a mental health clinic instead. Being on meds helps me so much that it’s very apparent in the am that I’m not taking them. I’m seeing someone differeny tmrw- a nurse who doles out psych meds and she thought previously that a bit of Ritalin in the am may help. Does anyone else mix meds like this?
Also, I’ve only been on meds since August and already the 10 in the evening really isn’t doing much anymore…it’s that normal?
Thanks for any input!


When my 30gxr adderal became less effective my dr was hesitant to up the dose. Switched to concerts-did nothing.  Went back to the 30gxr and although I’m okay for the most part stress seems to dull the overall effect.  There is medication available to increase the effects of adhd meds when people build up their tolerance and are already at Max dose. Canadian doctors seem to be more hesitant to up the dose of any controlled substance-not so much in the US.  Certain foods impact adderal…for me its vitamin C.  The best I’ve found is to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water 10-15 minutes before taking and staying hydrated throughout the day to keep the brain happy and fully functional.  In the end what works for me might not do you any good.  Highly recommend keeping meds simple as possible-not worried enough to give it up but the long term affects aren’t known. Better safe than sorry.  Good luck!!

Posted by SES on Dec 19, 2013 at 5:54am

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