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I am on Adderall 60 mg per day.  It might take a while to help or you should call your physician.  Sometimes, I have asked pharmacists who are very knowledgeable.  Everyone is different in reaction to medications.  You may need an anti-anxiety pill too or just a lower dose of Strattera?  I think if I were only on Adderall alone, it would not be good.  Combinations can help or switching medications occasionally.  Sometimes, it takes a while to get the right combination.  For example:  I was on time-release Adderall; this did not work for me.  I was on Ritalin which did not work.  I think calling your doctor (you will probably get the nurse first) and explaining this would be the best.  It is good that you are excited to get tools you need to succeed.  It is hard to find out that you have ADHD as an adult, but then you are relieved.  Just my opinion - Good Luck!

Posted by JADD on Dec 27, 2013 at 1:06am

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