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Medication similar to Percocet?

My husband and I think he may be on the wrong medication.  He has no clarity of thought, is completely disorganized, can’t distinguish what is important and what can wait, and has difficulty putting the brakes on impulsive talking, thinking and doing of anything and everything. I need to get him some relief!
He is currently on Amphetamine Salts and I’m thinking it may be the wrong medication. He self meditates and has told me many times that whatever is in Percocet calms him and gives him clarity of thought. Does anyone know of a medication used for ADHD that is similar to the chemical make up of Percocet?


Percocet is for pain. I don’t know of any medications for ADHD that work in that way. This is a discussion he really needs to have with his doctor for two reasons: (1) percocet is easily abused, and (2) the prescribing doctor needs to know that the amphetamine is making ADHD symptoms worse, not better. There are many other ADHD medications to try for appropriate and successful symptom relief.

ADDconnect Moderator, Author & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Aug 04, 2014 at 2:24pm

Yes, I know that Percocet is for pain. My husband was prescribed Percocet to relieve pain from his crushed foot and noticed that the Percocet alleviated not only his pain but a lot of his ADHD symptoms. I was just hoping there was an ADHD medication out there that had similar properties so my husband could try using it instead. Thanks Penny. smile

Posted by Kedar1 on Aug 06, 2014 at 1:59pm

Percocet is a narcotic (Codeine) and Acetaminophen.  if your husband is having problems with the things that you mentioned, it is because he is intoxicated by the narcotic. 

I live with constant pain.  I have Hydrocodone 5 - 3.25, which is only used when I do not need to have a clear head. 

ADD medications *may* have any number of different ingredients, but none f them are narcotic.

Your husband needs to find a non-narcotic medication for his foot pain.  He needs to address his ADD medications to the doctor that prescribed them.  He needs to let his doctors know what he is taking and why.  Self-medicating is NOT the way to do this.  Illicit drugs do not contain controlled amounts of the necessary medication.

Amphetamine salts are not the only medication for ADD. 

Good luck!

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Aug 07, 2014 at 9:07pm

He may need an anti-anxiety medication.  You could ask his doctor if it is appropriate to include one with his current meds or to change the combo altogether.

Posted by YellaRyan on Aug 11, 2014 at 8:37pm

Percocet (oxycodone + acetaminophen) is a central nervous system depressant “that floods a person’s system with dopamine, so the high from the drug is characterized by euphoria and feelings of calm, relaxation and heightened pleasure.”

Not surprising that certain ADHD (which is associated with low levels/dysfunction of DOPAMINE) symptoms seem to him to be “improved” with Percocet.  But, of course, the other central nervous system effects of Percocet are not going to be helpful at all—the depressant effects, etc.

Of all the drugs that treat ADHD, the group that comes closest to that feeling of “euphoria” is the amphetamine class.  Within the amphetamine class there is an important distinction between the two different components (“salts”)—levo-amphetamine & dextro-amphetamine.

“Amphetamine salts” implies he is taking Adderall (or a “generic equivalent”).  No idea if it’s one of the shorter or longer acting ones though.  Adderall is made up of both isomers—levo and dextro.  The only isomer that has the centrally acting effects is dextro-amphetamine.  (The levo-amphetamine causes only peripheral effects, such as shakiness and increased heart rate.)

The only drugs in the amphetamine class that contain nothing but the dextro-isomer are Vyvanse & Dexedrine.  And the only ones that are known to create that “euphoric” effect are those two.  Dexedrine is hard to come by in some places (impossible in certain locales) and it is easily abusable (hence why it is hard to find some places). On the other hand, Vyvanse is not easily abusable because the pill contains no ACTIVE drug, only a pro-drug that must be converted by the body into the active form of the dextro-amphetamine.

IF your insurance will cover Vyvanse it may be worth talking to his doctor about this.  If insurance does not cover it be prepared to pay big bucks!

Posted by BC on Aug 13, 2014 at 8:13pm

I’ve always had problems with adhd. I’ve taken every drug prescribed for the disorder and also everything else under the sun that is not. And the only thing I have found to work without horrible side effects, anyone who has taken Adderall knows the headache from hell I’m referring too, is Percocet. Hope my insight is helpful

Posted by rob zombie on Oct 07, 2015 at 1:11am

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