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ADHD Medications

Methylphenid vs. Adderall

Please tell me the difference between Methylphenid (rittalin?) vs. Adderall and the side effects.  I was taking 40 mg. a day of adderall and the pharmacy didnt have adderall so I went back to my doctor who then changed my medication to methylphenid (Rittalin) to 20 mg a day.
Will I have the same side effects?  Does this have the same effect as each other?  Does it matter that my mg. per day went from 40 mg. to 20 mg.? Thank you for any comments!


Ritalin, less side effects overall, I was prescribed to this at an early age.

Coming back to it as an adult, and compared to Adderall, in my opinion a tolerance is developed rapidly with Ritalin and it’s effectiveness diminishes.



Posted by Slybfoxx on Nov 26, 2011 at 12:02am

I think the side effects differ for each person. My son started on methylphenadate and was successful for a LONG time, but finally maxed out on dose he could be given. He was switched to adderall and had a terrible time. But, since he was off the methylphenatae for a period of time, he was able to go back to it again, and at a lower dose than when he left. I wouldn’t worry about the dosage differences, but watch your symptoms & alert your doctor if you need to up your dose or change your px altogether. Friends of ours started on Adderall and had no ill-effects like my son did. I think it depends on each persons own chemistry! Good Luck!

Posted by deeadhdmom on Nov 26, 2011 at 6:39am

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