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More Tripe from the Times...

Read’em and weep….

Actually, No one here (I have seen) claims anything near complete remission of symptoms with any ADHD drug(s) .

Maybe, this will lead to a more permanent and complete treatment of this abomination we share.

Dec. 29th NY Times:


These kinds of articles are always disturbing, especially when you read the comments on them, because people rarely seem to take in all of the information and just take what they like from it.  I have always believe that medications aren’t the be-all and end-all of treatment for any psychological disorder, but are an important factor.  I know that in my case, the medication provided (and continues to provide) an important boost, but the skills I have learned are also crucial.  However, I don’t believe that I could have learned the skills and abilities I did without the medications.  I think about how I went from consistently failing out of college before my medications to currently holding a 3.8 GPA with one semester left before graduation. This relates to another thing that bothers me about many of these articles: the complete lack of information, or even mention of, adults with ADHD who are currently taking medication. Articles like this always refer to children, often with a thinly veiled “save the children!  They are being drugged into zombie-like states!” mentality to them.
I have always had a hard time understanding why people can easily acknowledge that for something like diabetes or high cholesterol, medication and lifestyle changes are both important, but that for psychological issues, they seem to feel that medication is all a hoax (as if the brain itself is not a biological entity—then again, perhaps this relates to deeper issues of the idea of free-will and the mind and choice and those types of things).  It is also frustrating that people jump from the idea that some people are getting medications that they might not need to the conclusion that everyone who is taking medication doesn’t need it…a logical fallacy if their ever was one!
Anyway, that’s just my little rant/two-cents.  So frustrating!

Posted by bburgastros82 on Dec 30, 2013 at 9:49pm

To be fair, in my opinion, there are two factors that are seldom mentioned.

First, meds do not work the same from person to person. Second, people will always respond to therapy as filtered by myriad personal/familial issues.

My diagnosis came a time when most professionals refused to believe there was anything such as Adult ADD. I was 30 years old. My MD believed there was and worked out a treatment testing phase with a local pharmacist. After several months, absolutely nothing worked for me,

Even fewer professionals believed therapy would help, and everyone believed I should stay away from coffee.

I’m 69 now, and thousands of pots of coffee the wiser. I had to apply the one great advantage we ADD’s have; my brain. ADD doesn’t come to those of low intelligence. Through personal effort at managing the issues, I’ve learned a lot that I might never have learned. I’ve learned how to pay attention to my oncoming bad times, and to focus harder on managing them once they come in, full force.

Does it always work for me? I’d be a fool to claim it does, but at least I’ve learned not to hate any part of me—including my ADD. I’ve learned to love it all.

You can change the person you love a lot easier than the person you hate. In fact hatred will make you prone to lock yourself in.

Posted by Mack on Jan 06, 2014 at 8:45am

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