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ADHD in Boys

Morning and Evening scheduling

I am a grandparent/caregiver of a 11 year old. He was diagnosed “officially” at age 8.

I am struggling and would like some tips on morning wake up and preparation for school. I struggle with this more days than not.

Bedtime is the same.

He now has this thing about having to either listen to music or audio bedtime stories before going to bed. Sometimes it is reading a book.

When I say lights out…there is delay to this “command”.


Routines and schedules will help immensely. You need to have very consistent routines and patterns to erase all ambiguity and getting “lost” in processes.

Here’s what I did for my son for mornings and it was darn near miraculous:

You can do the same thing for the bedtime routine.

My son too has to listen to audio to fall asleep. I think any strategy that helps them get to bed on time and fall asleep should be supported, as long as it’s not a safety issue.

Here’s more on routines for kids with ADHD:

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Posted by adhdmomma on Apr 05, 2017 at 3:18pm

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