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ADHD in Boys

My Son and inadequate school help

I am new to this site just joined today feeling a bit despondent about how I feel the school and the town I now live in has responded to my sons disorder. We moved to El Paso Texas about 2 months ago from DC metropolitan area where my son was not perfect but he had a psychiatrist and behavior modification counselor both of whom were awesome. he was an honor roll student with problems staying on task being loud disrupting class being a class clown. Forward now here 2 months my son has been suspended twice put on an 504 plan which is not working either and now today he was put into an alternative program for urinating outside the building. During the meeting the principal also informed me and my husband that we are being issued a court summons because my son who does go to school everyday is either tardy to class or not showing up at all. We asked if they are any resources the school offers as to help our child get to his classes she informed me they were none so she approved the request for my son to be put into the alternative program then after that meeting they held another conference to determine if my son actions is because of his disorder and because my son had admitted that he had done it because he was already outside and did not feel like going into the bathroom they concluded and mind you these are administrators and 2 teachers all of whom admitted they have no mental health training background that it had nothing to do with his disorder and upheld the alternative placement. He is supposed to be there for 45 days and I asked the question what are you doing to help my son when he comes out then what they have no plans. This place is so crazy I have an appointment with the psychiatrist on january 3 mind you I also made this appointment in the middle of september you can’t even see a counselor before the psychiatrist refers it as part of his treatment plan. Im totally exasperated with this place they are 3 psychiatrist in this town 1st on told me they didn’t have any openings until the beginning of next summer 2nd one his appointment was going to be in May the last one which I think is some sort of state thing offered me the quickest appointment and thats in January until then I have to get his medications from the pediatrician which i had to search for one that isn’t such an egotistical windbag and willing to work with his previous psychiatrist with the scripts. I really feel that they did something not legal or right in regards to his alternative placement and something just seems really screwy. I feel myself now becoming depressed and despondent I know my son needs help but I just don’t know what to do at this point anymore do I fight the school placement can I? Is there resources I can find to see if everything they did was up too par?


Take a look at—it is a vast resource on school legalities for kids with disabilities.

There’s also a large section of articles on working with schools on at:

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Nov 07, 2013 at 8:51pm

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