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ADHD at School

My son has behaviour issues and is implusive at school...

My son has behavioural issues and is implusive at school.
He is behind in learning.
Lately he has been showing his privates to girls twice. (attention?)
Cut a girls hair at school today…not harming (implusive?)
Could be because he is frustrated with school?
& get’s frustrated at home and yells and acts up.
He is wearing glasses now, don’t know if it helps him at school.

Is this ADHD?

Trying to figure this all out.


Tammy, how old is your son?  Have you spoken with the counselor at the school?  When did all of his problems at school start?  There are so many other issues that can be part of the behaviors you mentioned.  Have you taken an inventory of ADHD behaviors concerning your son?  Have the teachers or your doctor suggested ADHD?  Have you had a chance to observe your son in class?  It’s too hard to tell you if your son has ADHD from the limited information.

Posted by Bensonadvocates on Nov 12, 2013 at 6:51am

My son has had impulsive issues as well in school. He has pulled his pants down to the point where he only wears jeans as he can’t do the buttons in his jeans.  Not sure if your son had ADHD. Does he have trouble sitting still especially in school?  Is transitions from one class to the next overwhelming? Does he say things that don’t make sense? I’ve been in your shoes before my son was diagnosed it was terrible. It continued to be terrible until he got special services he needed. I would asked the teachers what they think. If he is behind and having behavior issues ask for an iep meeting. Any other help I would be more than happy to help you with what I know.

Posted by kdompke on Nov 12, 2013 at 7:40am

There are excellent suugestions in the posts above.
The key is to visit the school and speak with his teacher and stay im touch with that person.

After that you see about getting an assessment done by a psychologist.

i know it is difficult but it’s best not to focus a lot of your attention on the extreme behaviours. Notice the things he does well and make simple postive comments anout them.

Posted by John Tucker, PhD, ACG. ADHD Coach on Nov 12, 2013 at 3:41pm

Hi Yes Teachers do say its hard for him to sit in his chair for a long period.

What is an IEP test?

Principal and Teacher want to help him. They suggested I take him to the Pedictrician so we have an appointment tomorrow. Plus the Pedi said before he can have ODD too. He is defient. I notice that alot.

And will look into more about ADHD.

He really freaked out last night when he had to do his homework, kept saying he was stupid and wanted to kill himself!!! And was so overwelmed about homework….WHY? I don’t know where he is getting this bad talk. He is getting frustrated. and doing silly things at school. I don’t know what to do!!!
I don;t want him to hurt himself or someone else if he is getting so frustrated. He is such a good little boy….I will point out the good in him more, he needs to build up his self esteem!!

He is sitting in the principals office today from yesterdays hair cutting incident, luckily the girls parents understand!

Posted by TammyTT on Nov 12, 2013 at 9:44pm

Yes I should start making him wear jeans I think that would help!!

Posted by TammyTT on Nov 12, 2013 at 9:45pm

An iep. Is an individual education plan. Before my son was diagnosed with a learning disorder he had an iep for his behavior. So they accommodate him because of his behaviors. For example my son has a 10 minute early start day in the special education room, he eats lunch and has recess there as well. This is in the iep. Also what they will do to help him calm down when it gets to that point. Hope this helps.

Posted by kdompke on Nov 13, 2013 at 11:11am

Ok I will ask about the IEP smile
Thanks so much for your help!!!!
I am finding this site very useful, I love it !!!

Posted by TammyTT on Nov 13, 2013 at 8:55pm

As a mother of a kindergartner with ADHD, ODD and anxiety, I can totally relate. My son’s issues seem to escalate in the lunch room, recess or gym when there are more people around and it isn’t as structured. He has some outbursts at home, one of the main problems we have with him is when it’s time to leave from anywhere. He throws himself down and basically has a meltdown. He has hit other children at school and even teachers. He is constantly being sent to the office for making distruptive noises and climbing on things. When he’s frustrated, it’s normally because he’s feeling overwhelmed. He starts going half days in the afternoon on Monday to avoid the gym full of people during breakfast and lunch. He will do that for 6 weeks, and if it seems to help, he will gradually start going in earlier until he is going a full day again.

Posted by LosingMyMind29 on Nov 29, 2013 at 7:20pm

My 7yr old son is very impuslive.  Hes on meds. He talks out of turn, doesnt follow directions, and is disruptive.  He has a BIP ( hehavioal Interv. Plan)  and an IEP.  He is also Hard of hearing.  He wears aides but its hard to keep him on task.  I need to find a good plan to use at home to carry over to school.  Using less verbal cues to get him to follow direstions.

Posted by scmommy13 on Dec 06, 2013 at 9:05am

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