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Has anyone tried the Brain Wellness Program with Neurogistics, Inc?  I am considering it for my son, it makes sense, but I’d appreciate all input.


oh boy I’ve been involved in a lot of talk about this sort of stuff lately. I don’t have time to find and cross post all the links. if you want more details let me know.
first of all there is no hard science to back up the theory that this sort of urine test has any validity in determining what neurotransmitters are being used by the brain or other parts of the body.
NT levels rise and fall very quickly. Going for a walk will change some of them. a game of chess will change some. sleep will change some.
and supplementing with some nt precursors in the form of amino acids can help some symptoms if there is a deficiency of that precursor but extra levels will not bump up say dopamine beyond the refill level.
the supplements are very over priced. you can get the same things in bulk for a fraction.
I suggest a book called the mood cure. it has some self testing that you can do multiple times a day, before and after using the amino acids and such to find out what you need at that moment. but there is a limit to what these can do.
there are risks with some of the amino acids also.
Before spending any money on this testing or the stuff they sell, take a look at the link above and there is a file somewhere there on NT testing. even though the author is a competitor of sorts, the info in that file is valid. I’ve cross checked it but suggest you do also.
I have done the stuff mentioned in the book. it helped me to a degree but not enough at the highest safe levels to be worth it. However the book is worth a read as it does touch on many subjects that can impair brain and body function in anyone. diet, toxins and more.
but don’t expect this to replace add meds in all cases.

Posted by Gadfly on Jun 11, 2014 at 4:04am

Are you also considering Neurofeedback? I was diagnosed and started on medication with good but not complete relief of ADHD symptoms.  I then added supplements i.e, Fish Oil, B6,  B12, Magnesium and Zinc which added even more relief after 5 weeks of supplementing. 

I then tried Neurofeedback which offered a more permanent relief of symptoms.  I have now been off all medications for 18 months (Ritalin & Wellbutrin).

Even today 18 months after first trying NF, I am so grateful to be rooted in calmness/balance.

The thing about Neurofeedback is that it goes a step beyond medication/supplements.  It helps the brain run in a healthier mode which in turn regulates both neurotransmitters and brainwaves.  When the brain runs smoothly, life is much much easier to handle.

I will put a link at the bottom on the Othmer Method.  This is the type of Neurofeedback that I have had success with.

Good luck to you!


Posted by Mitzi Maine on Jun 11, 2014 at 5:13am

As I read your post, Mitzi’s previous and very thoughtful responses came to mind.  She is navigating the issues you relay.

Give her thoughts consideration.  I have and am better for it.

Posted by LakeLife on Jun 14, 2014 at 1:13am

Hi Lakelife,

Thank you for that response.  I appreciate it!


Posted by Mitzi Maine on Jun 14, 2014 at 5:02am

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