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We recently started my 10yr old son on neurofeedback (today will be his 6th session and he goes twice per week) and no improvements yet, but I know it can take months to see a difference, so we’re hanging in there. Would love to hear if others have had any experience with it?

Posted by Mom of 10 yr old Boy on Nov 12, 2013 at 7:55pm

Hi Mitzi.  Each couple years, I spend time trying to decide if I want to invest big $ and time in getting certified to offer Neurofeedback treatments at my office. Never thought about receiving until reading your posts. Remarkable! lol.
I’m really curious about your experience. I wondered how many times u had a treatment, and what you noticed.
Thanks for the FB info.

Posted by Berky on Nov 13, 2013 at 9:10pm

People should also check with their insurance providers. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and so we only pay $20 copay per session for my son’s treatments. So far no noticiable difference but we’ve just started. He uses Othmer method. Here’s where we go: in Ann Arbor MI.

Also, Neurocore ( accepts insurance. From their website:

PracticeWise, the company that maintains the American Academy of Pediatrics’ ranking of research support for child and adolescent psychosocial treatments, has elevated Biofeedback to a Level 1 “Best Support” Intervention for ADHD. Click here ( to the see the support chart available on the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

So I feel like a lot of the articles out there are outdated. It’ll cost us about $200 per year in copays. I can handle that. Fingers crossed that it helps because we’ve had a real backslide in progress this year and the meds he’s been on for over a year don’t seem to be working at all anymore, so going to revisit those with the pediatrician soon.

Would love to hear more from folks about their experiences.

Posted by Mom of 10 yr old Boy on Nov 14, 2013 at 9:12pm

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