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Newly diagnosed... top ways to manage??

Recently diagnosed with ADHD, I am a 46 yr old relatively successful business owner / consultant.

I truly consider this a gift in terms of getting the “big picture” and connecting dots so quickly, but it certainly holds me back in terms of organization, chasing shiny pennies, juggling too many balls, frustrating my employees with my high-energy and constant changes, etc..

I would appreciate any and all advice on the best and most effective strategies to manage this as I search for information and support.  While not completely opposed to meds, I am very reluctant to go that route and prefer exhausting other solutions first.

Thanks in advance!


I can wear anyone down because they can’t keep up with me, and half the time what I’m “on about” is important only to me!  Sometimes I feel so sorry for my husband and friends.    If you’re not *that* ADHD, you might find ways to decrease impulsive behavior (“constant changes”  “shiny pennies”  “high energy”) but there is no “best” strategy because we’re all different.  If you’re pretty high, without meds, it’s extremely difficult because we’re talking anatomical and physiological differences in our brains that show up on MRI’s and PET’s.  One option is a low dose which they start with anyway.  Every time I try to to off my Adderall, I’m disorganized and forgetful because I try to do 5 projects at once. Hope this helps.

Posted by Lisa M on Feb 27, 2014 at 12:58pm

PS You write really well

Posted by Lisa M on Feb 27, 2014 at 12:58pm

I, too, was recently diagnosed with ADHD. My doc (psychiatrist) prescribed Adderall and it has made a huge change in my life. But the coping mechanisms I had developed now just don’t work, and I am having to develop a new skill set.

However, I still have the ADHD ability to see the “big picture,” quickly connect the dots, and think outside the box. (How many cliché-isms can possibly be fit into one sentence.) So, if you decide to try the meds, those wonderful ADHD abilities probably won’t disappear.

Posted by cecily55 on Sep 19, 2014 at 2:17pm

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