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Couples With One ADHD Partner

Overdose on Dexedrine

I have just joined this group and look forward to learning and sharing information with others. My husband has been taking Dexedrine since first diagnosed with ADHD at age 50, although he believes he had ADHD since childhood. He is now 67 and retired. Has tried other meds but prefer Dexedrine which he feels works best for him. He will not allow me to oversee his meds as he feels he can handle it and does not want to be controlled. However, there are days when he takes more pills per day than prescribed, so by the 3rd week, he is out of meds and difficult to deal with until he is able to get his next 30 day supply. There have been several times where he overdosed on Dexedrine and started to hallucinate. He ended in the hospital twice. He’s always apologetic and says he will do better but it’s a matter of time before he backslides. Any suggestions on how to handle the med situation?


That’s a tough one Nipo! I assume that his prescribing doctor has been notified of the issue since it has landed him in the hospital. If not, the prescribing doctor definitely needs to be notified.

Would he be willing to use a pill organizer? This would show the appropriate amount each day and possibly help. Ideally, you would pick up the prescription and put it in a weekly pill organizer and he can take it from there. His behavior with his medication is quite dangerous, obviously.

ADDconnect Moderator, Author & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Aug 04, 2014 at 2:52pm

Thank you Penny for your comments. It is a tough situation indeed. His doctor is aware of the hospital stays but I need to be strong and let the doctor know, despite my husband’s objections, that he is running out of pills before the end of the month. We’ve used the pill organizer before but it didn’t last long. My husband gets impatient and upset as he wants to be responsible for his meds. However, I’ll propose this again when he’s in a receptive mood. He also has diabetes type 1 (insulin dependent) and I try not to nag but do need to remind him often to check his blood sugar and take his insulin as needed. He’s not a very good patient as you may have gathered.

Posted by Nipo on Aug 04, 2014 at 8:24pm

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