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Anxiety and ADHD

Panic Attack

I had my first panic attack on the light rail a few mornings ago.  Thought it was something physical, until I got to work and googled:  nausea, lightededness; bright light; pressure in head - came up with generalized anxiety disorder - all related to a misspelled word (client’s name) the day before, which I stressed about all night and woke up stressed, calling myself an idiot. 

I feel as if I need control, yet nothing is in my control. I called my husband and asked him to stand ready in case I needed him to pick me up, but slowly the feelings subsided and I ended the day at work on a more positive note.

Then, fast forward to home that evening, my husband proceeded in one moment to tell me how worried he was, and then the next moment called me horrible names based on our financial issues, called me a spoiled B because I wanted my car in the garage due to the snowfall and my leaving for work early in the morning - and him not having to leave the house at all.  This he did while I was rearranging the garage to make room for both the cars.

I have decided that I want a divorce after 23 years of marriage.  Now I feel in control.  Am I crazy?  But I do feel that things for him are not good, he is always angry about something and when I’m upset, he begins to lash out at me.  So he is no moral or emotional support when I need it the most.  My dog is more support than he is. 

What do you think?


Hello Rrite,

I’m a 26yrs old and have just been diagnosed with adult ADHD. It took me almost completing my B.A in Psychology to wake up and finally seek medical help for my symptoms. After looking at all the information on ADD/ADHD online or in my textbooks I realized that I’ve been living with this condition my whole life.

When i was in my teen years I experienced my first, of many, panic attacks. Thought I was about to die. I was uncontrollable emotional, disoriented, light-headed (probably cause I was hyperventilating) and it seems that my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Because of my up bringing I brushed it off as some mellow-adolescent-drama. BUT are serious because it can get worse and I mean worse. I am now living with high blood pressure on top of my genetically linked high cholesterol (LOL I’m a walking time bomb).

So with all that being said here is my answer to your question:
First thing is first, find some way for you to positively handle stressful events. Remember ADHD is linked with impulsive acts so you should make BIG life alternating decisions in one day!!! 23yrs is a long time to just throw the hat in, maybe trying to seek counseling could do all the world of good. ALSO many marriages hit a ruff patch.
Secondly, ADHD not only affects your mood, concentration, but also your relationships. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, he is dealing with affects of ADHD too.
Finally if all this still doesn’t help try looking back at the life you too shared together and out weigh your pro’s and con’s. Please do this after you find the time to cool down and if the con’s outweigh the pro’s…. SHOOT ill help you pack his stuff up lol!!!


Posted by GualEri on Feb 22, 2014 at 12:54pm

Thank you, GualEri, your reply made alot of sense.  Over the weekend I saw a counselor and had time to cool off from my initial knee jerk reaction. 

My husband did display a lot of patience waiting for me to cool off and now he is gone for a week.  By the time he gets back, things said will have been forgiven and forgotten.

I am doing a lot of essential oils to keep my anxiety down.  They do work, but I still feel at times I need a brain transplant. 


Posted by Rrite on Feb 25, 2014 at 3:35am

I was reading your post and got down to the bottom and you stated you were doing essential oils.  Which is what I was going to suggest. lol   Which oils are you using and how?
Don’t forget your deep breathing..also for me if i try and count backwards from 100 by 3 I can get calmed down.

Posted by Alanna on Feb 27, 2014 at 10:50pm

Hi Rrite,

I’m 18yrs old and I was diagnosed officially with ADHD when I was 16. I have had ADHD and a panic disorder pretty much since I was born though. Looking back I had my first panic attack when I was four. Only they were in my sleep so my parents thought I was just having bad dreams. My first daytime panic attack was in kindergarten, I passed out on the bathroom floor. LOL. I have been having them since. But not necessarily to that degree.

I am glad you are getting counseling I have heard that that works great for some people. For me I have found that doing and activity I love helps get rid of some of my excess energy and helps calm me down because I go into hyper focus. I am also glad that you are doing essential oils. Lavender and Chamomile work well for me. Perhaps you could purchase some lavender lotion and keep it at your work desk. Or have you considered fidget toys that works for me too.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and to keep up the fight. You are strong. smile

Posted by IceCube55 on Mar 30, 2014 at 8:46pm

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