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ADHD in Australia

Positive Productive Parenting!

Hi Everyone,

First post here. I am a mum living in Queensland. I have ADHD myself and a family history of ADHD that’s very strong. I currently have a 12 month of toddler who I am sure possibly has ADHD. This of course wont be diagnosed for a few years to come, however I am in need of parenting advice. I am already noticing that I am going to need to employ different parenting strategies to get the most of out my child without breaking her spirit as she is challenging and really pushes the boundaries.

Tips from my mum etc I have so far

- Structured Routine (we both work better within this anyway)
- Cut out food colouring
- See ADHD as a gift in her that needs special management not as a ‘problem’ like it was when I was growing up back in the 80’s

I need some advice regarding discipline and learning
Discipline - She is DEFIANT when we say directly no to her or try and make her do something. How can we achieve the result with minimal trauma

Learning - As she cannot sit still for more than 30 seconds. She is very difficult to engage for interactive learning at activities that we attend like toddler reading and singing time at the library and just wants to run away while children her age will sit and do actions! How can I get her to learn without making her feel ‘naughty’ all the time.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!
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hands on learning is the best.  don’t try to force her to sit and do something.  or maybe try doing a reward system with a timer that when she sits for 5 minutes doing a task (or start with 1-2 and build up) and the timer goes off she gets a sticker on a chart and when she fills up her chart she gets a reward or gets to do something special, like go to the park for runaround time.  also, try using the Baby Einstein videos.  They are very stimulating but they are teaching children at the same time.  my son is now 11 and was diagnosed in the first grade.  he could sit for hours if we would let him watching those.  try sitting her in a highchair with a snack while she watches that way the feeding part keeps her physically moving and she can focus.  and it will give you a break. also, a seat that bounces to sit in while she does activities or tasks really helps too.  the bouncing movement helps with keeping focus so she can sit longer and do things.  try feeding her only organic and avoid any food dyes (especially the red) and keep away from preservatives, carmel color, corn syrup, and things like that.  hope this helps!

Posted by holiwood07 on Feb 11, 2014 at 7:45pm

She is 12 months old and you want to discipline her?

Posted by MadAussie on Feb 26, 2014 at 5:42am

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