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ADHD in Boys

Ran out of son's meds... now what?

My eight year old son was diagnosed at age 6 and started on Vyvanse but after a year of not gaining weight the doctor suggested Daytrana. Big difference!  smile
However,  I’ve been working lots of extra hours at work and didn’t make it to the pediatrician in time to grab his RX tonight :(
Do you think it would hurt to give him a dose of Vyvanse tomorrow? He won’t function well without his meds. :/
Any advice is greatly appreciated!


You need to be careful with these medications.  Call your pharmacy.  They might be able to get in touch with someone and get you something tonight.  You can’t just take a child on and off different meds.  In the future, I would recommend not leaving the refill to the last minute, in case something comes up like it did today.

Posted by jamamm on Nov 14, 2013 at 5:45am

I agree with jamamm, I don’t know much about Vyvanse but I do know from experience when I ran out of my Adderall and Ritalin I went through terrible withdrawal side effects and couldn’t function at all, was tired like having the flue for weeks before I got more meds or one time I never went back on medication, that’s how bad withdrawal is.  Call your doctor and get in to see him immediately even if you must miss work or school.  Adhd medications are very addictive and you should NEVER just stop taking them, even when going off of meds you must taper off of them slowly.  Pharmacy may be able to get a hold of his doctor to prescribe at least a few pills for now.

Posted by BexIssues on Nov 16, 2013 at 3:37am

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