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ADHD in Men

Ritalin Adjustment

I’m a non ADHD wife. My husband was finally CORRECTLY diagnosed last week and today is 1 week that he’s been on Ritalin. We’ve been married 13 years and we’ve had some very rough times. What prompted his dr visit last week is that I told him I was basically done with our marriage if something did not change. So he actually took the initiative this time to go to the dr. I love him so much and don’t want our marriage to end (fortunately we don’t have kids). When things are good, I think we’re awesome together! But I had reached a breaking point.

Anyways…to my main question. He’s been very quiet since he’s been on Ritalin for this week. And when I ask him if he’s ok or what he’s thinking, he says he’s ok and we’re ok but that he’s trying to figure himself out because he’s never felt this way in 43 years and he’s thinking about things he’s never thought of before and trying to adjust to a whole new way of thinking. He doesn’t say it’s good or bad…just “weird”. Is this all normal? We both decided to stay together and work on this together so I’m just trying to understand his situation. I know that drugs aren’t the ultimate answer but I have read a lot of people say that Ritalin (or other medication) changed their life and they’re so happy they’re on it and wished they had been diagnosed and taken a Rx sooner. But does everyone go through this adjustment period?


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