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SLOW eater challenges....need advice please!

My son (8yrs old) with ADHD has always been a very slow eater and it drives us bonkers as its just not appropriate to sit at the table for up to an hour per meal.  Breakfast is the worst as we have time constraints.  Prior to camp each morning, I give him 30 minutes to eat (generous in my opinion) and he rarely finishes even with constant prodding/reminding.  Breakfast is not a huge portion either (today was thin eggo waffle, 2 sausages, couple bites of canelope and cup of milk). 
Nothing I have tried has worked (incentive, clock watching, race, tv or no tv, reading/no reading, ultimatums to lose electronice, etc).
Does anyone else have this issue?  What works for you/what tips can you offer!
Regards, Going bonkers in NJ


My daughter is slow as they come when she eats too.  We usually have to have her carry it in a baggie in the car, for her to finish as we go to school or any place.  We have used a paper plate for messy foods…  like waffles with syrup….  She is neat about eating…  but slow….  She is not picky…  She will eat whatever we are having for a meal….  but everyone is done and on to other things and she is still playing with her food.

I do not know why she takes forever to eat, but it is annoying.  I know what you mean… 

I hope other people, reply on how to speed them up… 

She carries a granola bar to school, because she never finishes her lunch either…  She has a teacher that allows snacks…  (bring your own)....

Posted by ADHD-3in home on Jul 06, 2014 at 11:15am

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