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ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain

SLOW eater challenges....need advice please!

My son (8yrs old) with ADHD has always been a very slow eater and it drives us bonkers as its just not appropriate to sit at the table for up to an hour per meal.  Breakfast is the worst as we have time constraints.  Prior to camp each morning, I give him 30 minutes to eat (generous in my opinion) and he rarely finishes even with constant prodding/reminding.  Breakfast is not a huge portion either (today was thin eggo waffle, 2 sausages, couple bites of canelope and cup of milk). 
Nothing I have tried has worked (incentive, clock watching, race, tv or no tv, reading/no reading, ultimatums to lose electronice, etc).
Does anyone else have this issue?  What works for you/what tips can you offer!
Regards, Going bonkers in NJ


My daughter is slow as they come when she eats too.  We usually have to have her carry it in a baggie in the car, for her to finish as we go to school or any place.  We have used a paper plate for messy foods…  like waffles with syrup….  She is neat about eating…  but slow….  She is not picky…  She will eat whatever we are having for a meal….  but everyone is done and on to other things and she is still playing with her food.

I do not know why she takes forever to eat, but it is annoying.  I know what you mean… 

I hope other people, reply on how to speed them up… 

She carries a granola bar to school, because she never finishes her lunch either…  She has a teacher that allows snacks…  (bring your own)....

Posted by ADHD-3in home on Jul 06, 2014 at 11:15am

I was a slow eater, too, and my folks (esp my dad) were really irate with me about it.

You could have him start earlier on breakfast.
You could make his breakfast portable.
You *could* become much less invested in his eating habits, because it’s really not something he can change to suit anyone else. The food might be too flavorful, and he tastes each bite intensely (even if you think it’s boring food).

Until his jaw muscles and taste buds calm down and strengthen up, there *is little you can do* except adapt to it. Give him snacks when he gets home, let him eat at his own pace. Who says dinner has to last 20 minutes? Other cultures have meals last an hour or more!

Posted by JavaMonster on Oct 24, 2014 at 2:25pm

I am and always have been a slow eater as well. Now my adhd daughter is also. Good news, I finally have someone to finish eating with me. Bad news, she never has enough time to eat. I used to think when she firsthand time at school to eat she would speed up once she realized she would be hungry the rest of the day. Nope. It wouldn’t be a big problem if her eating didn’t so directly affect her adhd symptoms. Instead of giving him more food, try giving him less, calorie dense food. Try making a sandwich out of that waffle with some nut butter and a glass of milk. That way he’ll get the protein/ grain combo good for their brains but will take less time to eat. Good luck! And try to keep in mind, long term, slow eating is much healthier for you!

Posted by nicklepickle on Dec 08, 2014 at 9:21pm

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