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Parents of ADHD Children

School Psychologist discussion confusion

The more I think about my discussion with the school psychologist I am not sure what I think.  My 8 yr old son has ADHD, Sensory, Anxiety and recently dx from psychiatrist,  aspergers.  He has been having aggressive behavior at school so they recommended the school psychologist observe him, which he was perfect those days.  I provided her copies of the reports from our neuropsychologist, developments pediatrician, and OTs.  The neruo and developmental was 4 yrs ago.  They did not see any characteristics for autism at the time.  But these behaviors only started about a year ago.  She had to point this out about the drs even though I told her they were from 4 years ago.  We have a meeting on Dec 3rd to discuss a behavior intervention plan.  SO HERE IS MY QUESTION - if I want to push the fact my son has characteristics of autism what additional services could he receive from the school?  Right now he has OT, an IEP, and accommodations.  I am not begging for this dx but I do want all the help I can get for my son.  Thanks for your help.


Hi TJF! You may not get any additional services for your son with an Autism diagnosis (maybe a social skills group if your school has one). However, you will likely receive a lot more understanding from school staff and the public in general. I often feel my battles with my son’s teachers would be reduced 75% with an Autism diagnosis because Autism is better understood, widely publicized, and no one blames it on bad parenting or being unruly like they do ADHD.

My son’s therapist and I actually talked about this last week and she is referring us to a local Autism program for diagnosis. We agree that he’s extremely high-functioning and that he doesn’t have all the symptoms of Autism, but he has a couple key symptoms that seem to be more pronounced now that he’s a tween, like not reading social cues, body language, and facial expressions—things his docs always thought he’d pick up on at some point.

Do I want my son to have Autism? NO! But I do want some of his teachers to stop treating him like he chooses to be disorganized and unprepared or like he’s just lazy. I feel like the Autism label would be beneficial at times and, let’s face it, there are many overlapping symptoms between ADHD and Autism—they’re both on the same spectrum.

Personally, I would accept the Aspergers as part of his diagnosis in the hopes that it helps your son be better understood by teachers, family, etc.

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Nov 25, 2013 at 7:25pm

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