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ADHD at School

School Recommendations for Middle School Teen

My son was public home-schooled for a year here in Indiana. He loved the flexible schedule but missed his resource teachers. He would like to give public school another chance. As a lot of us parents, I have not had any good luck with schools being patient and understanding of an ADHD child. His last school (we have moved now) basically forced him to not attend school; but since they were still within their rules/guidelines I couldn’t report them. My son has a two medical conditions:

Chronic Constipation with Encopresis; he has been battling this since age 2. He is now 13. He has to wear depends. His last school said that if he has diarrhea then he must stay home. That would mean he would be home basically every day of the school year. He takes Mirolax on a daily basis. I even explained to them there is no presence of a fever; so why would he have to be home. They said their handbook states if a child has diarrhea then he can not attend school until he is 24 hours diarrhea free. This is the reason why I could not report the school. Even with a doctor’s note explaining his medical condition; he still was not allowed to attend school.

Does anyone know of any Indiana schools that are good for ADHD children?

Thank you ~ Lori S.


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