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ADHD at School

School is starting block schedules

Does anybody know anything about block scheduling
in schools? Son’s school is now going to a format, group projects, students working and being equal to
the teachers. Longer classes but more involved learning less homework, not as much pressure on grades….. They are saying this is the way education
is going, more team work. I am not sure how this works for the following reasons: 1) how are you sure all students due the work and not just the stronger willed
kids taking over the project? 2) How do you know how your son is doing if they work together for a few weeks then they will get graded as a group and by the time you find out the grade you are so far away from the actual work how do you keep current? Does this hurt them with colleges as you are graded for the work of the group? This is in middle school and they are just starting this and I feel like they are guinea pigs in a very expensive private school. My son is not great at working in a group and there are some very strong willed boys, how do the teachers keep control of the classroom and is this a good learning environment for an adhd student who gets stressed?


I do not know your son but this sounds like the approach I used in my decades in education. It is typically ADHD friendly. However your boy may be different so you are wise to stay close to it.

if you want to hedge your bets in his favour it’s a good idea to be an enthusiastic supporter. That will be more fun for you and him. And, if the system becomes a fail, you will have given it your best shot and taught him a valuable lesson about the way of engagement.

I would love to work or volunteer in that school. Hat’s off to the principal and staff.

Posted by John Tucker, PhD, ACG. ADHD Coach on Mar 15, 2014 at 7:48pm

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