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ADHD in Massachusetts

Seeking private school for ADD teen in Central Mass

Please help. My daughter is in the 10th grade, and struggling.  When she follows instructions and hands things in—she gets As.  But that happens less than half the time (despite various accommodations, support at home,  etc).  As a result, she is all Cs and Ds and getting depressed. Her school means well but simply can’t give her the support she needs.  I hear Landmark is great, but it is not an option (for a few reasons).

Are there any private Day schools near central Mass/Worcester that provide ADD support?

I would hate to consider Boarding schools…but if there was one that was great, I would have to consider that as a fallback.

I have been combing through private school directories, but it is so overwhelming.  Some of the schools that are for “learning issues” focus on many issues that are really far more severe—and I am not sure that is right for her.

Any suggestions or experiences with Mass-based private schools would be so very helpful. Thank you.


Ask her what *she* wants!  Before entering high school in the 90’s, I researched area high schools in Worcester and chose for myself.  My path wasn’t perfect (far from it - I had ADHD and Mathematics Disorder and didn’t know until recently), but making the choice my own was empowering.  Additionally - consider that spending tens of thousands of dollars on private school tuition does not guarantee a child’s success, by any definition.  Unless your daughter is having social problems, stability (i.e. not transferring schools) may be a positive.  It is the super ADHD-instinct to jump ship when there’s academic trouble - I know, because I transferred halfway through high school and halfway through college… who woulda thought.  That said - I don’t regret those decisions - because they were mine!

Posted by Emily S . on Nov 25, 2013 at 7:13am

Hi, I am not sure if the school teaches. Grades 9-12 but Touchstone in Grafton had a good reputation.
Also, Sherborn-Dover public school system in Dover,Ma has a wonderful reputation. Not sure if you could school choice it.

Posted by Heatheradhd on May 06, 2014 at 1:02am

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