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ADHD in Pennsylvania

Should we have a lawyer/advocate for child's disciplinary hearing

My daughter with ADD and depression has been suspended from school and we have a disciplinary hearing at school next week.  I do think its fair for her to be disciplined for her actions but the repercussions are so far-reaching since she is in her junior year so not only will her grades drop dramatically due to missing classes but also she misses finals this month.  The school said she will be able to make up the missing work but I find that improbable since even in the best of times she has difficulty keeping up.  Also, I don’t know if there’s any chance that we can keep the suspension off of her academic record since she does have an IEP.  I’m thinking that this will shut down any possibility of her getting into college.  So has anyone been in a similar situation?  Can anyone recommend an advocate if they are allowed in (still waiting for official letter)? I live in the Pittsburgh area (Allegheny County).  Thank you!


I do not have experience with your situation, but I would think you could bring an advocate to the hearing. Is there a behavior goal in her IEP and/or a Behavior Intervention Plan in place? If she has behavior problems due to her disability, she should have a behavior plan at school and it should be followed whenever there’s an issue. If she doesn’t have this, ask that the school provide a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) to create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) for her. I would ask for this now, but definitely bring it up at the hearing as well.

Hang in there!
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Posted by adhdmomma on Jan 13, 2014 at 8:31pm

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