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So darn frustrated ....

Ok bear with me and sorry this is so long. I hope yo can follow along with this post. My name is Lisa and I am married to a wonderful, supportive, encouraging, and awesome husband name Glen. Have two wonderful kids. My daughter who is 17 in 11th grade has ADD/ADHD and she has been diagnosed for about 10 years now. Since she started school I have been researching and reading a lot about ADD/ADHD. I have been on and off antidepressants and seen therapists on and off all my life. This past July I got fired from my 16th job in the past two years. I kind of hit rock bottom. So I have been seeing this therapist since last March and absolutely love her.

So I have come a long way since March. So about August we decided that I needed to see a psychiatrist and finally did in September and never will I see him again. He spent 15 minutes with me and diagnosed me as being Biopolar 1 (which I have never been diagnosed as being Bipolar at all my entire life, but now that I have researched it and etc it makes a lot of sense). So this psychiatrist after seeing me 15 minutes and diagnosed me being Bipolar 1 said I will give you Senoquel on a low dose ... I couldn’t function and slept so much. So I called him and saw him again and 10 minutes later said let’s try this Risperidone medication. I said what about ADD/ADHD I believe I have that too and he says to me “who is the dr here” ... he says no you have Bipolar 1. Ok, so then he put me on Respirdone and the same thing it was horrible I was mentally and physically feeling the horrible side affects of it. He told me that he really wants to put me on Abilify so he gave me the prescription and I told him that I couldn’t get it because it costs so much. So he said well lets up the prescription of Resperidone so we did and it it just made things worse, so then my husband found out I can get Abilify through mail order and etc. So I called the psychiatrist and asked him (or his secretary) that I can get Abilify by mail order and she said OK I will have him call in the prescription ... so after waiting 3 days and anxious to start it ... it finally came and what does the idiot do he prescribes me more Risperidone. Does he listen to anyone or look at my chart before doing anything. What the hek. I need some medication and a lot of help to get me back on track and I need something that will help me focus and concentrate more so I can get better. So I finally see a psychiatrist a week from tomorrow and can’t wait and hopefully will get much better results and some long awaited answers. I also have applied for disability and when I went to my mental evaluation that took an hour and 15 minutes not 15 minutes. So frustrating!

So I have been on and off depressed, just found out that I am Bipolar 1, I still believe strongly that I am ADD/ADHD (which I know all of them are the same type of mental disabilities), I have anxiety, and etc. I feel hopeless, lost, depressed, confused, sad, hurt, lonely, powerless, and very, very, very low self esteem. But since I have been seeing my therapist since March that has dramatically changed but a lot needs to be done too.

I have never been so frustrated in my life. I believe and so does my therapist believes that I have ADD/ADHD. So I saw a new psychiatrist that I absolutely love and she referred me to get testing done for ADD/ADHD so I waited a week and called and they said I needed to set up the appointment. So I called and so I will hopefully get a call very soon to get a scheduled appointment. I don’t understand because this new psychiatrist who I am seeing doesn’t test for ADD/ADHD. Why is that??? Don’t and can’t all psychiatrists test for ADD/ADHD?????? Maybe I am back to square one and finding a new psychiatrist who can test for ADD/ADHD. I am so frustrated and upset. I want to move on and get somewhere with getting tested for ADD/ADHD I have been waiting for a very long time to find out if I am. I know I have depression and anxiety. Help!!!!!!

I am sorry for the long post, spelling errors, and rambling. Thank you for reading!


Your post was interesting and easy to read for me, and yes you definitely have add, I can tell by someone’s first sentence if they have add/adhd or not.  A non add-er always uses big unnecessary words like their talking down to someone.

I was diagnosed by my regular doctor who I go to for everything (sore arm, cold, stomach aches) after talking to me and listening to me ramble he said I had depression and high blood pressure so I went on wellbutrin and within two weeks I had quit smoking so my pressure was normal again.  In about 3 months I was having issues with the generic wellbutrin and then his assistant (med student) was yapping with me and I told her about my issues in elementary school and she said I had add/adhd, keep in mind I didn’t go to my doctor ever for add.adhd I went cuz I have been dizzy, foggy, lazy, half dead feeling for years and was done with that shitty life.

I actually was quite pissed that they would label me add/adhd madder when I started studying it and all the symptoms of stupid me were right there in black and white.  You need to find a new general doctor someone in a health clinic, google add/adhd doctors in your town and see who deals with this issues.  Ive never been to a psychiatrist or therapist or any of those exspensive doctors.  I see my doctor once every 6 months to a year and when I was on meds (Im clean and free of those addicting garbage meds now) but I used to go to the clinic once a month to pick up my script at the front desk. no office visit or charge needed.

Find a new doctor, your definitely add/adhd I recognize your name and all your post scream (Im add/adhd) honestly. plus your child has it.  Good Luck and I hope I made some sense as Im non medicated, all natural add-er style chicky face kinda gal. wink

Posted by BexIssues on Dec 05, 2013 at 6:26am

Any doctor who says “who is the doctor here” is to be avoided.I just wrote 4 paragraphs as to why, but deleted them - my meds have worn off and the H part of my ADHD is jabbering on and on…Not all psychiatrists do the diagnoses. In my limited experience, psychologists are the ones who do the ADHD evaluations - unless it is a more extensive neuropsychological testing - then it’s a neuropsychologist.  MDs can prescribe meds, but psychiatrists specialize in psych meds.  One of my old GPs gave me an SSRI for what he thought was fibromyalgia, but he was wrong. (to give him a break - I really did appear to have it - I could not lift my child or brush my own hair - but it was ADHD and a funky kind of arthritis that doesn’t show up in the blood work) He was in over his knowledge base and couldn’t help me get off the drug. He didn’t have the experience to recognize significant side effects I was having because they weren’t on the “list”. When I found a psychiatric nurse practitioner with prescription authority who specializes in really tough child cases and professional adults with ADHD and anxiety (she has a lot of attorneys and other professionals who really want to continue jobs in their careers - they can’t have bad side effects that would stop them from working) I had entered a different world. A lot of docs don’t accept ADHD as an adult problem. She told me that when a psychologist or medical professional or scientist client of hers tells her about a symptom they think is a side effect, she believes them - so I knew I stumbled upon someone with an open mind. Her clients would leave her if she gave them drugs that made them wiggy or groggy in court. Try to get a sense of what kind of person a provider so you’ll know if you trust them - this area of medicine is tricky, and sometimes lots and lots of tweaking is necessary if you want to be treated with medications.  You want someone smart, and methodical - sometimes finding the right treatment is a matter of the right drug, or combination of drugs, or dosage, or timing of the dose, or the mix with food - or drink or what other conditions you have - heart, blood pressure, other psych issues… You want the diagnosing professional to accept the possibility of all sorts of diagnoses and you want the treatment person or people to do so as well or you will be frustrated.I’m not guessing whether you have ADD or not, symptoms can be for lots of different things and I’m not promoting or poo pooing meds. I can’t function without them myself at this time in my life given the total picture of the things on my plate. This from a person who would have to be on the floor writhing in pain before taking an aspirin for a headache. I am so afraid of meds I had a colonoscopy AWAKE. The nursing team had never seen anyone so chicken of drugs that they wanted to be awake for that.  I take nothing without talking to pharmacist - at length.  I look up the abstracts in medical journals for the recommended uses of the drug. I ask lots and lots of questions (and write everything down, because my working memory stinks lol!)  There are many choices to deal with brains gone awry, trust your gut and select providers who have a style of communication that meshes with yours. Sometimes that is more important than their knowledge. I had a doc who didn’t know much about what was going on with me - couldn’t figure out what was causing my symptoms, but he listened and coordinated my care with specialists who did. He was my general contractor of sorts. I wish you luck - sometimes getting a handle on things takes time - I hope you keep a journal of what doctors tell you and of your symptoms - bring it to appointments. Then when you go to an appointment you can say “this is what went on since last time”. It REALLY helps.

Posted by Juggler on Dec 05, 2013 at 8:11am

I agree with Juggler, any doctor that says who’s the dr. here, is not a good doctor to go to.  That’s just disrespectful.  Not all doctors understand ADD/ADHD.  I hope you find a doctor/psychiatrist who frequently deals with ADHD/ADD, will be respectful, listen to what you have to say and take the time to sort through the different symptoms.  I read somewhere that 40% of ADHDers have at least one other diagnosis.  It sounds like you are taking positive steps to help yourself.  That’s great.  A good therapist is a wonderful thing.  A supportive husband is a gift.  I hope you can take each day as it comes, enjoying the good moments, and giving yourself grace to grow and learn to deal with yourself and the world.  When you find a psychiatrist/doctor that you like, it will probably take some time to figure out which med is best and at which dose.  I hope your appointment goies well.

Posted by whizinc on Dec 05, 2013 at 11:02am

,hello and good luck. I was just diagnosed approximately 3 years ago with ADD at the age of43.  After I had started experiencing extreme panic attacks and anxiety 3 years after getting sober from alcoholism. I had a very good recovery program and was feeling wonderful about life and all of the sudden the anxiety and extreme panic I use to experience came back for no explicable reason.  for fear of relapse and knowingt there was to my situation than my disease of alcoholism, I sought the expertise of a psychiatrist explaining to him my recovery and my story and what had recently occurred with my anxiety he to prescribe risperidone all and at my assistant clonazepam. now the typical mindset of people in recovery more to treat addiction specifically for alcoholism is that benzo die as a penes are never to ever be taken well I have learn otherwise by experience specifically because not all benzodiazepines are the same and Librium xanax valium will get me high and I will swant to get moresa.  this is due to their rapid and intense Xfinity for agonist action on GA BA receptors in the brain whereas clonazepam acts on the same receptors but it is slow acting and calms me so I insisted on that prescription if I were going to be also taking this risperidone.
so I leave with prescriptions in hand and do as most I immediately looking up the drug only to discover it was an antipsychotic medication is technically a psychotropic meds designed to treat all sorts of conditions from bipolar to schizoid Personality
schizoaffective another schizoid type mental disorders. I knew from my undergraduate degree in psychology and my interest in it that I was not a candidate for this particular drug however I took it because I was desperate and it made me feel like I was going to go insane.
Psychiatrist have begun establishing a trend of over prescribing atypical antipsychotics . Yet resperdol is still a psychotropic medication I know this because I am currently can graduate school studying to become a licensed clinical addictions counselor and currently enrolled in a psycho pharmacology course which is the exact equivalent other basically Pharma course that a psychiatrist would take. The instructor is quite aware of the dangers of the over and utilization of psychotropic medication. yours is a clasic example where psychiatrist who is obviously arrogant to the point of dangerous over confidence diagnoses and you with in 15 minutes.
As for me I never saw that particular psychiatrist again I found a therapist you met with me once a week for approximately 2 months and after those two months finally !closed hi read Dr Ned Hallowell the book delivered from distraction. Upon reading the book it was a self-evident that I was ADT in fact it was so evident that I did exactly what the questionnaire indicated in a later chapter in the book. I skipped right to that test and took it before I did anything else!
so I can medication management along with coaching and cognitive behavioral training essentially a combination of approach which is what anyone should take as opposed to just taking meds. That was the only work for 4 months I know currently take that to mean and clonazepam I do not abuse it I do not have anxiety I don’t feel like I’m going crazy and I don’t have to pull over to the side of the road because of the panic attack. You do not have to take an ADD battery of tests as an adult to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder if you find the right nah a well-informed clinician they can tell and I can tell from what you wrote that is highly likely you do have ADD. And for those who doubt med management the reason for and that means is it they actually produce enough dopamine and norepinephrine to come up to the levels of that normal quote human brain and yes you can use them but if you titrate up appropriately and then back down to the right level and do not abuse them there’s no reason why you should be afraid of their use my prescription for a month is the equivalent of what an addict would use in 2 days

Posted by LaughnJar on Dec 05, 2013 at 1:41pm

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