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ADHD in Women

So many meds!?!

I’m 57 and wondering if being on so many meds is typical. Before being diagnosed w/ADHD, I was on Xanax, for anxiety- minimal dose, Zoloft depression, now strattera, Vyvanse, dextrostat, melatonin. My dr. Is a gp with decades of experience in adults and children w/ADHD. Seems like a lit of different meds. What is your experience?


My experience w/my ADHD meds has been one of learning through trial and error. Many ADHD patients suffer comorbidities such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety, etc. The trick was, at least for me, to separate one symptom from the other by discovering the specific causes. My doc told me many ADHD’ers are taking antidepressants when all they actually need are ADHD meds…in other words the area of the brain that is stimulated by ADHD meds will often also relieve symptoms of depression once stimulated on a consistent basis. We tried removing my antidepressants for a time (slowly of course) to see if the vyvanse I was taking was going to be enough. For me it wasn’t, and I’m now on wellbutrin and Ritalin. Those are the only two meds I need to function on a somewhat normal plane. Ask your doctor what each of your meds does—what symptom is it treating and what cause has created the symptom. Knowledge is our best tool. Doctors have zillions of patients, but we have only one doc. We have more time than does he or she. Due diligence has served me well over the past two years. Google is your friend!

Posted by mowgirl on Jan 20, 2014 at 10:19pm

First thing to consider is how you are feeling.  Do you feel good?  Are your symptoms under control?  If you feel pretty good, the first thing I would do is research the meds on line (mowgirl is correct, google is your friend).  If you don’t feel so good, I would still research and then share how you are feeling and what you have researched with your doctor.  If he’s not receptive,  but you think things should be better, get a 2nd opinion. It often takes more than a few drugs and also a few changes of doctors to get things right for you.  Good luck

Posted by ShihTzumama on Jan 21, 2014 at 12:36am

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