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Spouse has ADHD???

I have been reading the book “Healing ADD” by Dr. Amen, trying to find some additionaly help for my teenage with ADHD. In reading the book, I am more convinced that my husband may have the condition as well (short fuse, lack of focus, low self-esteem). He took their online assessment, but it seemed to be inconclusive. I am wondering what other resources are available to determine he may have ADHD. He is not readily willing to go to a psychiatrist. He has seen a psychologist before, but that was for anger management. Not sure where to go from here. HELP!


You need to look for a psychologist who specializes in ADD testing.  Both my husband and my son have ADD, but as I read about the various forms, I learned that I probably have the overfocused form myself.  I have ordered Dr. Amen’s book and have started all of us on some of the recommended supplements.  I think that my discovery of this website is an answer to prayer.  The problems that have arisen between my husband’s “limbic” and my “overfocused” ADD have caused a lot of problems.  Perhaps if you can get your husband started on some of the supplements and he starts to do better he will become convinced that testing is a good idea.

Posted by Mimsie on Sep 13, 2014 at 1:52am

Here’s an online self-test for ADHD: You can print off the results and he can take that to his general physician to start with.

ADDconnect Moderator, Author on ADHD, and Mom to Pre-Teen Boy w/ ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Sep 15, 2014 at 12:24pm

where can one read about the different types???

Posted by Sydney2 on Oct 23, 2015 at 12:24am

Here’s Dr. Amen’s 7 types of ADHD:

He goes into more detail in his book, “Healing ADD.”

ADDconnect Moderator, Author on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen boy with ADHD, LDs, and autism

Posted by adhdmomma on Oct 26, 2015 at 1:04pm

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