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Even with my medication, I often feel overwhelmed when I have large projects at work, or have to do something that really challenges my attention span, such as attend long meetings. I try to keep an updated calendar and take notes during meetings, but I often loose some finer details because I get distracted. Please share any coping strategies that work for you when working with ADHD becomes struggle.


I have trouble taking notes because I have the learning disability dysgraphia, It is similar to dyslexia except it effects my speak and writing. I have also learned that if I concentrate on the note taking I miss what is being said while I am writing. So something like a digital recorder would be good because you could put your attention towards listening instead of note taking. Then if your mind wanders off you have the recording as a back up. It is just a thought, I no longer have to be concerned with meetings and notes, but maybe it could be of help to you. God bless you. Maybe somebody else can come up with some better suggestions to help you.

Posted by Rancher John on Nov 24, 2013 at 12:01am

I find that if my life is stressful, I’m able to concentrate less. Is something overwhelming in your life? I say look there for some answers.

Posted by organizationschmorganization on Nov 24, 2013 at 2:05pm

For keeping myself straight on large projects, I use sticky notes on a flip chart or white board. I find it much easier to organize my thoughts bit by bit on stickies that I can write as they come to me and just stick anywhere—and move around into groups later—than to face a blank page.

The thing that works about sticky notes is that I don’t have to start at the beginning or do things in any order, I can just write down any thought or fact about the project and stick it on the flip chart. Then another, then another. It helps me to get all of the thoughts about the project out of my head. After I feel like I’ve gotten everything “out,” and I look at the chart, patterns emerge in the stickies, so I move them into groups.

I leave my projects up while I’m working on them and add stickies, rearrange, and X parts off when finished. In this way, everything about the project remains visible and “tied down” instead of being overwhelming in my head. Hope this helps.

Posted by marciah on Nov 28, 2013 at 6:28pm

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