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Sucessfull without higher education?


I have a simple question. Are there any people here with ADHD who are sucessfull in business without having any higher education? With higher education I mean as university, master…
Im not very into reading and studying, like to work more and be social. Would be fun to hear! Give some hope wink

(Sorry for spelling wrongs, im from Sweden)


I mean, is a long and expensive education the only way to get a career?

Posted by AHedmark on Nov 15, 2013 at 1:57pm

Not sure what the statistics are regarding business ownership.  I can comment on the relationship between career, money, unemployment and education…  And some stuff I have tried.

During the past recession in the US there was ~10% unemployment in general….  Among those with a college education, it was 6 1/4%.  Further, if you became unemployed with that degree, you were out of work for a shorter period of time. 

Income is higher, jobs tend to be careers, there is more satisfaction where you work if you have a degree. 

That being said, there are outliers everywhere….  A college degree in anthropology or art history will get you very little advantage.  Accounting/Engineering/Medicine degree holders saw very little change in their employment prospects during tough times…. And great money right out of college.

That being said, a good idea is a good idea,  whether you hold a degree or not; hard work is hard work as well.  I see Chinese emigrants here with less than an elementary school education make businesses work.  One set up a tofu factory and is making damn good money.  He slaves… and I mean slaves.  He also scams - he by-passed both his water meter and electric meter where his equipment is.  He set up storage in a local basement.  He took a clapped pick up truck and put a refrigerated container on the back for deliveries. The guy found a nitch and jumped in and did everything - both legal and illegal to make it work.

Keep in mind this is Micronesia..  The CNMI… I am ‘not in Kansas anymore’.   

As for me, I tried the entrepreneurial thing… I designed and set up an IR strobe system to foil those trying to surreptitiously recording movies with video cameras in Movie Theaters.  The scamming camera picks up the IR light pulses and it ruins the recordings.  The human eye cannot see that wavelength of light but all digital cameras can.  I invested $17 grand into that little effort and showed my invention to Regal Entertainment Group.  I flew from Alaska to Tennessee to do it.  They did not buy it.  It works, however… Just point a digital camera at a television remote…You cannot see the light, but the camera does, and records the same.  I used the IR strobe lights that are slaved to camera speed traps used by police departments.  I was able to patent a few key parts of the idea.  Who knows, maybe something will come of it.  That was my little foray into the business world.  I am $17 grand poorer for it.

I do have an advanced degree and it has been the only thing that has saved me from the ravages of this disorder.  I shudder to think of what my prospects might have been if I did not attain it.  Life has been anything but stable but I have always been able to leverage that degree and get back into the job market.  Currently:  Chemistry Teacher…  Happily ensconced on a tropical island in the Pacific.  I was a City Manager up until July of this year.  I am now earning 1/3 of my previous salary.  A degree allowed me to have flexibility. choice.  It helps to have choices if you have ADHD.

So, in short, its not the only way to a career, but those with degrees are statistically the most successful. 

Note:  It’s Saturday here and I am on my weekly med vacation…. I do go far afield without them!  Geesh, what rambling!

Anyway, best to you.

Posted by LakeLife on Nov 16, 2013 at 7:23am

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