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Suggestions to speed up appointments?

I was wondering how to shorten refill appointments. Suggestions?

I understand the law/regulations state we must make a visit at periodic times for ADHD medications.

Currently I visit with a PMHNP after my work hours as the office has convenient times & location. She doesn’t do vitals. Any side effects, she told me I have to see my PCP. No questions about appetite or sleep.
When I visit, it’s small talk mostly (questions she read from the file that I didn’t disclose to her, like how my kids are doing, or how’s work, etc… then I leave in about 15 minutes - according to the CPT code 99213 15 min.
She is writing the same thing my PCP would prescribe for ADHD. They work at the same clinic, different locations. The PCP did not make a referral, somebody asked me to check if she could write the prescription.
I now generally refer to her as the refill nurse & contact the PCP if refills are not ready two weeks after the pharmacy sends in the request. I see my PCP only once a year for a physical.

My question is: Suggestions in how to speed up the visit to about the same time a phone call would take. I don’t know want to be rude, but it’s none of her business about my personal life. She’s stopped asking about my dating life & said she wouldn’t ask again when I hesitated once. Like I said, I get that I have to “pop in” periodically & like the office hours, I just would like to speed it up. I’m there to comply with the law/regulations. Otherwise I’d be fine only going during my annual physical.

I’d like to shave off 10-15 minutes so I can get home to feed the kids, but not be confrontational or rude. I’m already coming home about an hour later by adding traffic & waiting room. I feel if I say anything, it’s viewed negatively like I don’t like her. This isn’t what I’m trying to convey. Suggestions?


I have a similar set up.  But after the first few months being ok, I get three prescriptions each time I visit.  I think he has to see me every 3 months.  He asks how I’m doing, but no personal questions.  I’m there 5 - 10 minutes.  It is 30 - 45 minutes to get there, so I’m glad to only have to see him every 3 months.
My suggestion is to say what they need to know - are you still doing well with the meds, any changes they need to know about, and then just be honest: ask if there’s anything else they need to know because you need to get home.  Maybe she’s trying to fill the 15 minutes so she can bill 15 minutes?

Posted by whizinc on Apr 15, 2017 at 3:30am

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