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ADHD at Work

Tell me your ADHD at work story

Hi Guys,
I’m so excited to find this board. As an adult with ADHD, I’m relieved to have a reason for my disorganization and “laziness.” Unfortunately, medication has not worked for me.

I’m a writer and would like to put together some stories about how ADHD manifests itself at work. If you feel like sharing your story, please email me and let me know at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Thanks.



Hi Christine

I might be interested.  How will you be sharing the stories?  Blog?  Magazine?  book?


Posted by marleyboy on Feb 19, 2014 at 8:52pm

Like so the others in the “ADHD at work” group, I am college educated and “supposedly” very bright.  Growing up I was very well behaved but tended to be disorganized and lose things.  In high school I remember my parents just turned a deaf ear when I lost another thing.

Fast forward to 50 years of age.  After being a stay at home mom for over 20 years, I had to return to work because my marriage was falling apart.  I got a job as a bank teller because I could work 30 hours a week and be home when my kids were.  I often got in “hot water” for being late.  As things got crazier at home, my mistakes at work escalated.  Add young tellers who didn’t respect me, and moving to a different area and the situation grew more tense, which in turn fueled more mistakes.  The “lost” enough money to put me on probation, and was fired when I was over the out of balance limit.  The odd thing was that the “out of balance” situation was that I was “over,” which is extremely unlikely!  And later on I learned that the head teller embezzled the money that put me out of balance!

I got teller position with another bank right after.  This was supposedly a more laid back, “friendly” bank, but I was treated like crap by the other tellers, who set me up to get in trouble.  I lost my job after 3 months over $25 one of them found in the bill counter.

I went back to college to change careers, but it’s been basically the same story.  I make careless errors and omissions, especially when I’m anxious and preoccupied.  Lost another job due to that, and have the job I have now due to a wonderful, kind, understanding boss who privately confers with me when things start getting out of control.  Part of the deal is that I got on Concerta.

The older I get the more difficulty I have with “executive function.”  I realized a year ago from this group that I DO have ADHD - it’s my brain that operates on 5 different channels!  I struggle with self confidence, self esteem, staying focused on the task at hand, and being precise and methodical.  When younger co-workers(again) acted disrespectfully I became suicidal and went to Employee Assistance, who referred me to a therapist. 

Last week I started taking Adderall, since the Concerta was no longer effective.  Needless to say,  through all this my self confidence took a huge hit.  I get very frustrated at my lack of organization; the papers all over my “home office” and never being able to find anything.  My goals and plans seem to go awry.  My children are grown and gone, yet it seems I don’t get anything done.  Time flies during my non-work time, giving me the feeling that I am trying to move through mud to accomplish even menial tasks.

The biggest comfort to me is learning from the ADHD groups that I am not alone; I am not flawed, weird, stupid, and inept.

Posted by nancychef on Feb 20, 2014 at 12:58am

Hi nancy chef , thats sounds like me right now . Use to control my symptoms diet cbt en excessive sugars en coffee .

Now lately its not working started strattera loved effected hated not eating or sleepy and constant nausea .

Now started concerta but that feeling of being unable to contol myself really sucks

But it has good days and bad day . I hope u doing better thank you for post madr me feel not alone

Posted by midge on Jul 11, 2014 at 8:00pm

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