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I’m postings the same question as someone else did except I live in a different area.  I am looking for a therapist who specifically works with adults with ADD and take insurance.  The few that I have come across do not.  I have Cigna insurance and desperate to find some who can help.  Any information would be appreciated!!!


I am in the same situation but we live near Houston, TX and we have Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Posted by Jessica2002 on Jul 07, 2014 at 10:25pm

Im 55 years old & found out at age 37 that i have severe ADD.
My doctor giggled when I asked him if I really was ADD. Then he said not only did i have ADD. I was the most extreme case he had ever seen!  Luckily the timing was right so
I was able to be medicated for a couple years. )Cant recall the drug.)  But then the govt. cracked down on doctors prescribing AADD meds & after that ADD doctors, counselors ect… all disappeared.  life got pretty hard for a while. Its tough to feel normal for just a little while then crash land again with no help in sight. But My kids were all grown so there wasnt so much desperation to pull in the Almighty dollar. Still I had to make ends meet.
Then One day, by chance, I picked up book called “the game of life” i believe the author was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  It is a short, very short book. But DEFINITELY worth the read.
That tiny book is where 1st learned that WE set our own course in life by the way we talk & think. Or even how we joke about ourselves. Literally! As we are speaking & or thinking ... Our subconscious is laying the road map for us to reach that ACTUAL eventuality. The subconscious does not understand jokes or sarcasm.  In that realm, all is serious.
So for instance, you jokingly say you are going end up living in the “poor house”. You subconscious does not understand that that comment is not only outdated by over 100 years…. It was never to be taken seriously. It was sarcasm!
What actually, physically & chemically took place in the far reaches of your subconscious was the very real rearranging of your thoughts & body chemicals to take you to the ” poor house”.  A ” road map ” of your future.
But the really good part is that positive statements & positive thoughts have the same affect.
In other words….. WE can train the mind. WE CAN!
AADD ’ ers can take control of these quick brilliant minds we were blessed with and go & be exactly what we want.
It is at this point that the curse begins to become the Gift.
After you have read the little book i named in the 4th paragraph put that theory to work. Write down what you are aiming for & why & the date.
1 year later. Compare your life to that goal. You will be amazed.
The if you wish to take that further. There is a book called INDIGO CHILDREN. After reading that….  The possibilities are endless & the only obstruction that will stand in your way
Will be you…...

Posted by kippersnewwife on Jul 08, 2014 at 12:03pm

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