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ADHD at School

Three times in trouble at school this week for hitting!

Today, after begging, explaining, having him explain back, pleading, about hitting other kids at school , he did it again. My son is 9 in the third grade. He is on a blood pressure medication called Tenex which was prescribed by his ADHD pediatrician early August of 2013 for ADHD. We tried Ritalin about two months ago on a trial basis and once the 30 day dose was done he went from bad to worst. I don’t know if it was the meds or if it was a changing of the guards phase for him. He has begun to hit kids, throw tantrums, has become overdramatic, crying, and back talking. The school is getting on me to “talk to him”. I have done behavior charts, removal of video games, TV, etc. I feel that I am at the end of my rope. I do not know what to do for him anymore.

Does anyone else feel like it would be easier to care for a severely handicap child than a kid with ADHD who looks physically normal, has no learning disabilities, aces all his exams, is at the top of his class, is brilliant, has a good heart, has empathy, but yet he is getting labeled the “bad kid” at school?

My question is, do I have a right to ask the principal to have him moved to the other 3rd grade class since he is having issues with several students from his current classroom? Also, should I ask he remain somewhere else during recess and lunch break since this is where most of the problems are occurring? His impulsiveness and what looks like aggression are getting him into trouble.

He is getting counseling 30 minutes once a week. I just found out he has a counseling session with one of the same kids he is having physical altercations with AT THE SAME TIME! Is this a violation of HIPPA?

Thank you for any responses.


My son has had similar problems lately. Being an ADHD kid, he struggles with impulse control and has gotten in trouble for hitting multiple times. One thing I have found that works better than anything (not that it will solve all your problems, mind you) is simply listening to him. I ask him why he hit the other kid and what it felt like at the time. How did he feel after he hit and what kind of reaction he got. I didn’t judge him but just tried to find out what was going though his mind at the time. How would he do things differently if he had the chance? For us this has worked because my son will open up and actually be honest; however, some kids may shut down when confronted like this. After having these talks, we always conclude with a visit to the other kid’s home so he can apologize and try again. He has to do the talking. On more than one occasion, this has resulted in them becoming great friends (not always though).

Posted by Dr. SQUIRREL!!! on Feb 15, 2014 at 10:15am

I’m very confused by his medication.  You mention he went from bad to worse AFTER his medication trial was over.  But what was he like during medication?  There are other types of Ritalin (short acting, slow release that lasts 8 - 10 hours etc.) under the names Adderal and Concerta. 

But if you son does not do well on a stimulant like Adderal - then there are non-stimulants you can use like Intinuv.

I would also go see a Psychiatrist who specialises in childhood ADHD.  I think a second opinion by an expert is definitely in order here.

Also - watch the YouTube Video “Essential Ideas for Parents” by Dr. Russell Barkley.  If you scroll down this screen, there should be a link to it on the lower right hand side.  It is long but well worth watching. The end of his speech discusses the effects of medicine and the different types that are used. Very informative!

Posted by staypositive on Feb 15, 2014 at 5:07pm

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