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ADHD Professionals

To the ADHD Professionals & Researchers.

I would appreciate your input on a subject that I came across recently. While trying to learn more about ADHD since my 9 year old daughter and my self were both very recently diagnosed with ADHD.
I’m very, very new to this whole thing so I’m trying to learn as much as possible. We are both on medication as as well.
While doing some research I came a cross this product.
I have been in contact with the people from B-Calm if you haven’t heard of it, please take a quick moment to review it at

Now since it is not a medication or herb etc.. I can’t see it interfering with our medication. So I’m thinking if it helps something its worth something. Why not try it?
So I agreed with the company to give it a try.
We don’t have it for very long. The reason I was interested in the B-calm was to see if it can help my daughter while doing her home work as it claims. So I had her put the head phones on and interestingly, how a 9 year old was able to express her self how she was able to focus on her work because the head phones blacked out all the surrounding distractions from the house.
#2 since she is on vyvanse she has a harder time falling a sleep. So we tried it in bed as well. And she found it to make he tired as well. The only down side is, the head phones are to big to go to sleep with. But she dose ask to use it if she feels to alert.

I will not swear by it yet, because it is very new to us. But I do have to say, I tried it my self to fall back a sleep in middle of the night and it helped me. I don’t have issues falling a sleep when I go to bed, but I wake up to many times.

The reason for my post:
I showed it to our doctor and he said he heard of it and laughed it off as another gadget. 
Now from a medical point of view I can get that. I’m not trying to replace the medication. But the thing I don’t think anyone said that medication alone is the only solution anyhow.
So for me, why not get to the bottom of it, and get my doubts out of the way. 

Last week I found a clip on Youtube on a great lecture from Dr. hallowell. at the end someone with ADHD asked him, If it is possible that at times music could help him concentrate? even though it is noise and it could be distracting.
So what Dr. Hallowell answered was very interesting to me and I think its worth some more research. And maybe the research is out there.
He said this, (I’m not writing word for word but more or less the idea) even he him self who has ADHD finds at times that soothing music can help him concentrate on his work that needs him to stay focused since it blocks out all surrounding distractions. And a lot of people find this to be the case. But on the other hand if someone in the other room etc. will play something or say something that you don’t like it will greatly distract you, and you would just want to turn it off.

So my point and research about the B-calm dose it make any sense? or not?
from the non professional stand point

Thanks for reading.


There are people who concentrate better with music or background noise and people who find it more distracting. My husband (ADHD but undiagnosed) MUST have music at all times to focus. If not music, he turns on the TV and walks away. My daughter is able to study effectively with music as well. However, I cannot concentrate unless there’s silence. My son, who has ADHD, finds music and the like distracting as well.

There’s definitely research to back up music or background noise positively affecting focus in some people. I think if you are finding that it works, you should stick with it. Why not?

I have a little speaker gadget that plays three soothing sounds (rain, ocean, and ?). My son listens to the ocean sounds as he falls asleep every night. It helps to drown out any other sounds in the house. You could try one of these at bedtime for your daughter or get a little speaker to plug into the headphone jack for bed time.

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Feb 24, 2014 at 6:50pm

This makes perfect sense, Caringman, and Penny makes a good point about the research.

Another company called Focus at Will has done the research and developed very effective sound tracks. Their website explains the science behind the work. You can try their app for free or pay the whole package for something like $30 per year. I find it helps with focus and relaxation. Many kinds of music can be helpful but this stuff is wonderful.

Posted by John Tucker, PhD, ACG. ADHD Coach on Feb 28, 2014 at 3:15am

There is a fair bit of research that suggests that either music or white noise can help by blocking out other distractions.  This is a common workplace accommodation (at least in Canada), and it is listed as a suggested ADHD accommodation at the Job Accommodation Network site here:;.pdf

Personally I have never tried “white noise” or noise-cancelling gear, but I use music a lot.  Based on my own experience and what I’ve read, it has to be clearly audible and for me it has to be music I know.  If it is too soft my brain gets more distracted, not less, straining to hear it (like a whispered conversation).  If it is music I do not know very well, it is distracting because my brain is trying to make sense of the melody and actively listens for the next phrase.  But I can work (including things like professional-level academic research and writing) with Mahler or Beethoven thundering away, as long as I know the piece and the performance.

On the sleep issue, try ear-buds.  They are more sound proof and easier to sleep in.  The only caveats there are first, that if the child uses them all the time you need to keep sterilising them in alcohol or such or (s)he will get ear infections, and second, never ever forget that a kid sleeping like this cannot hear fire alarms or smoke alarms.

Hope this helps

Posted by Cedar on Apr 19, 2014 at 9:24am

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