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ADHD in Women

Today is the best day

Isn’t today the best day to stop living the lies we’ve been telling ourselves?  It is for me. I hate being lied to.  Don’t you? 

I’ve been extremely hard on myself.  I’ve lived with very poor self esteem.  But now I realize it’s probably because, I am always telling myself lies.

  I am far from stupid, lazy, and hopeless.  Or any of the other self defeating verbs I use to describe myself.  The truth is, I’ve never been able to suffer fools or liars.. It appears I have been both!
I am a fool for believing the lies I’ve told myself. 

  But all is forgiven.

The spell is broken. The illusion lifted. My ADD diagnosis has set me free.  I am really grateful.


Awesome feeling!  Congratulations. Time to start living for real

Posted by Alioop143 on Jun 11, 2014 at 5:22am

Yes!  Are you one of those who has been told that you are crazy, lazy, or stupid?  I heard that chorus thoughout my childhood.  The odd thing is that every measure of intelligence and the ability to learn proved the naysayers wrong.  So where was the problem?

It was with me.  Somehow, I had believed the lies!  How does one undo that?  By doing what you did.  First of all, start telling yourself the truth.  Second, start acting on the truth.

There were times when I had to prove to myself that was not the problem.  The lies that I had believed were the problem.  Replace the lies with truth and turn yourself loose in the world.

Where I had deficits, I sought knowledge and skills.  Where there were abundantly more things than were needed at any given time, I applied the “brakes” and coasted for awhile.

When the problems can be helped with “tools”, I got the tools and tried them out to find what really worked best for me. 

The process takes time and even patience, but it is such a helpful process that I didn’t mind because the results were more than worth the cost.

Keep working out the knots!  Your successes will far outnumber your defeats. 

In short, be your own greatest fan and things will only get better.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Jun 12, 2014 at 9:16pm

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