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ADHD Alternative Treatments

Treating ADD/ADHD With Lithium Orotate

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spencersmom: I have never posted before. I have not seen any posts on this subject. But,I am so excited about what I’ve seen so far I thought maybe someone could benefit from this info….Ihave a 13 year old and a 9 year old with ADD and ADHD respectively. I was diagnosed w/ ADD last year….which explained so much!!! My 13 yr old has been on concerta since 3rd grade and then ritalin SR in 8th(doesn’t last her all day ). My 9 yr old son on ritalin(severe ADHD) and zoloft (for extreme anxiety) since 2nd grade. decided to try natural route this summer. Heard, read about Dr. Nieper’s research, then tried lithium orotate with the promise of increased concentration, memory and mood stabilization and because it is all natural,non toxic in the OROTATE form ( as opposed to the prescription form). Cannot believe the results!!! My daughter has been on it for a week, saw definite results by day 2 ( no moodines, or mood swings , able to follow through on chores/tasks , her demeaner is calm and can carry on a meaninful conversation, no spacy-ness) she has ben off the ritalin for the same week. I am taking it too and not having to take my ritalin or antidepressant med and I actually FEEL good and am functional and my appetite/cravings are actually controlled. I am going to a naturopath doctor tomorrow to help me with my 9 yr olds dosing. Although I see the positive effects he is getting ,he gets sleepy and nauseated with it.

I hope this continues to help us. (I keep feeling like this is too good to be true). I hope this info is helpful to some one out there. will update if anyone is interested. If anyone has experiences with this, please post…...

Meximom: We are at our wits’ end with our 11 yr old. His Ritalin is not helping him as much as previously and his behavior is becoming increasingly aggressive , noncompliant & self destructive. How can I find dosages for this supplement. We are living in Mexico, & don’t have access to naturopaths, but could get the supplement mailed to us.

cheers: Would love to hear if your sons are still taking the lithium orotate. I have heard that it does not cross the blood brain barrier. I have recently started taking it at night and I think it is helping me sleep better and feel calmer during the day (maybe its the placebo effect). What dose are your sons on? I did try my ADHD son on it before and I thought it might be causing him to break out in little bumps/acne all over his body so we stopped. Did you sons have this reaction? I certainly don’t want a case of acne at 49!

ADD RN: I am ADD/ADHD type but I haven’t been on meds for a year now because I doidn’t feel they were doing me any good except for decreasing my appetitie. I have to take Ambien to fall asleep . And I take Fish Oil now . Where do get this Lithium Oronate. I never heard of it. I automatically think of Lithium and thin kof bi-polar and certain dietary food restrictions. What can you tell me about it. And were do I get it???? (Judi N)

cheers: You can buy this at a health food store store or nutritional supplements store. The recommended dosage is one tablet per day, but some people take somewhat more than that.

ADD RN: I will go to the health food store and buy it. When do you take it at night or during the day because I work In an ER and can’t afford to feel sleepy (Judi)

Roy C: I have heard hat lithium as orotate DOES cross the blood-brain barrier.

I have been taking it for almost three weeks. It eliminates that feeling of being irritated and depressed in a minor way due to feeling overburdened.

It is as if you know you can deal with your problems, yet there is no mania and no sense of being stimulated or tranquilized.

I am in my late 50s and I have taken a lot of vitamins, am a personal trainer, with a degree in general science, and I have done some very effective work on my personality using a variety of techniques such as bio-energetics and primal type therapies.

They helped immensely, but this is the single best supplement I have ever had. Choline, DMAE, aminos: they all help. Take them, but lithium’s effect is a keeper.

ADDme2: Hi! I am new to this forum. I was searching the Web about Lithium and ADD and came across this topic. I just wanted to say that Lithium works! I was prescribed Lithium for Bipolar disorder type II (a milder form of bipolar disorder) and so I was given 150mg. of Lithium Carbonate. I knew that I was sensitive to medications so I only took 1/4 of it. about 37mg. I was also diagnosed with adult ADD and have always struggled with it. Innatentive type. So imagine my suprise when the Lithium I took worked on my ADD symptoms!! I have been raving about how great I feel on this stuff and how calm it makes my brain. I can be productive and follow through on things. I also have more energy and motivation. It’s not perfect but it certainly does make a difference. I noticed the way it made me feel in about a day. I too am interested in the orotate form of Lithium. I would like to hear more about the difference between the two. ADDme2


Thank you for sharing this, Spencersmom! I have been wanting to take something more natural and Adderall didn’t really work for me very well anyway (and I don’t have insurance). It sounds very promising so I’m looking forward to checking it out!

Posted by gratekatsby on May 27, 2011 at 12:16pm

Hello, I am also new here. 

I started taking lithium and also SAM-E before I was ever diagnosed with ADHD.  It took the edge off my mood swings, especially the irritability and sensation that I was going to climb the walls…  The SAM-E keeps me out of the basement emotionally and the lithium from flying through the roof!

I prefer the orotate form.  I tried lithium carbonate but it seemed to make me nervous.  Both forms are supposed to be helpful. 

I’ve never experienced side effects from either supplement.  Oh, and by the way, I have always been acne prone and have not broken out from the lithium.  Swanson vitamins offers the best prices I’ve seen…

Posted by PixieMoon on May 29, 2011 at 7:32am

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