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ADHD and Sports

Try Cross Country and Track and Field:)

I have mixed type AD/HD myself and now so does my 8 yr old son. As much as I tried I never really excelled at very organized sports that take a lot of strategy and skill development, also some embarrassing moments…As much as I tried I could never quite develop skills in the “ball sports”.I started in track and field at the age of about 7and I I loved it! It is individual and team oriented. It takes some skill development (depends on event) but, usually nothing too complicated that simple repetition won’t take care of. I excelled and was at the top of High schoolers in my state..I also picked up cross-country running (I was a sprinter during track), I ran in college on a scholarship (making it to class was another story lol). Cross Country is fabulous for AD/HD kids. It is no sport for the faint of heart and Im not sure about using stimulant meds with it…(I was never medicated during my competitive years). This type of running feels amazing to the AD/HDer, it is like being able to focus completely and it is very “zen” and therapudic. However, It can be tough to get through the beginning when one is out of shape…Most XC teams are very positive and motivational, the culture of the sport is very supportive and teams often form tight knit groups of friends w/ one another; it has great social aspects…My young son is already showing interest in XC and he loves it! He even joined a new “recess running club” at his school…I have spied on him at his lunch recess and Ive seen him just doing laps around the playground the whole time lol! He is also very proud of himself:)!


We see this a lot in Triathlon.

It is kind of humorous because Triathlon seems to attract both end of the personality types—- ADHD on one side, OCD on the other.

We all seem to get along though.

Posted by Dr. Eric on Oct 30, 2013 at 9:17pm

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