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Christians With ADHD

Undiagnosed ADHD

hello , i think i have adhd ,but undiagnosed, i struggle at home ,as a teenager with a christian familly ,i have sleeping problems ,go to bed about 1 am and wake up at 10 or 11 am , my parents think i m lazy ..and are putting pressure on me to change my behaviour ,but i tried to explain them that i really can t ,haven t told them about adhd ,they might think i am just making things up and that i am lazy.. i have a hard time learning at school,memorizing ,i get low grades i am very disorganised at school ,home ..i am always late when i go somewhere , i m having a hard time remembering things ,i do remember important things from my life ,but i forget where i put my phone .. or if my parents ask me to do something later ...  my life is a mess ,i am feeling very tired phisically and mentally ,i feel like laying in bed and watching tv all day .. what is your advice ? should i go to a doctor ? though here in Romania ,medics are not so advanced about this disorder ,it wasnt recognized as being present to adults until about few years ago .. i really don t know what plan God has for me .. but now i m feeling like i won t be able to do anything in this life,i would appreciate your advices and your reply if you are in the same situation .thank you


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It would be ideal for you to go to a clinician for an evaluation for ADHD. It sounds like you do have a lot of the symptoms.

Ask your parents if you can go to the doctor to discuss your sleep problems too. Your day-to-day functioning will improve with adequate sleep.

ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

Posted by adhdmomma on Apr 25, 2017 at 1:39pm

I have experience with this so I’m excited you posted. A definitive ADHD trait you did not mention was incessant talking, frustration about being able to communicate with others that is taken out on yourself (aka “I’m so stupid!”). Do you have those traits? Just curious. There are different types of ADHD but I don’t think you have it. You look like you have exactly what I have. Can I ask you another question? What ARE you focused on? You have explained some problems, tell us about what is good, what works, what you like. You just seem like a normal kid to me thank God! let me know. I have a lot of experience with the book that they use to diagnose people but am by no means a professional.

Posted by mrsb on Apr 25, 2017 at 4:44pm

ok so,i have a difficulty in doing tasks,at home ,and to do my tasks at school. It s hard to explain..  but sometimes i can be “stupid”,not like IQ ,i think i have a high IQ ,but sometimes i don t understand things fast, like i realize things later.. and people think that i am stupid because of that s quite a challenge for me to complete a task ,because i can t mobilise fast enough ,and get started it takes alot of time till i complete a task ..and i feel like i m putting alot of effort ..when i shoudn t feel that way.. i mean like .. i go to school in the afternoon, and i do pretty much nothing at home and i m feeling tired like after a day of hard work .. Incessant talking isn t so much present at me ,only sometimes i can talk much and other times i can be anti social ..cause i m a very shy person ... The forgeting part it s very frustrating , i always forget what my parents tell me do to ..even if they remind me ..(once i had to do a project for school ,i forgot at home ,i went to school then went back home for it ..when i finally got it i almost forgot it in the car if it weren t for the driver to remind me ..i also forgot a project in the bus .. very frustrating as i said and it happens to me very often ) . I have a hard time talking sometimes i can t find my words.. About tasks as i mentioned before i don t feel like doing any tasks but watching Tv .. it takes great effort for me to complete a task ..also i have a hard time following instructions and don t understand them sometimes ...later on i get it ..sometimes i find myself listening to a person and not knowing what she said at all .. like i seem to be a good listener but my mind is in some other place… and not to mention that i m late every time .. I am focused on God and my relationship with him ..also school .. i like doing things that i have knowledge of .. i like if my parents ask me to do an easy taks ..but i hate it when i have to follow instruction makes it hard for me.. and ussually i m not doing it right .. this is pretty much of what i had to say

Posted by Ionut on Apr 26, 2017 at 2:46pm

i posted here to see ,how other adhd adults s lifes are .. to see if i can find myself in any of their experiences..and how they get through it

Posted by Ionut on Apr 26, 2017 at 2:53pm

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