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ADHD in Girls

Vomiting When Getting Excited or looking forward to great times.

Good Morning,

    My Daughter is a sweet 9 year old girl that had learning difficulties since we started sending her to school. I took the advice of her first grade teacher and principal who asked me at the end of first grade to have her evaluated and please find a special education class for her. She was very well behaved she loved school, loved by her peers and providers but she just had such a hard time learning.  Never complained, toward the end of the year she asked me when school is finishing because it is so hard. (But still didn’t mind going)
So I really felt I’m doing the right thing by getting her evaluated. It wasn’t by a doctor, it was more by a education evaluater. I don’t know the exact term.
The results where, that she learns much slower then the regular kid, and a special class would be very good for her.
Sure enough, She loves school and all the people that work with her.  And the students in her class all love her and get along. She has less then ten children in her class.
The people in the school don’t stop telling me what a fine little girl I’m raising,  with such fine manors and respect for every one, even for her friends. She also has knitting and music lessons once a week.
This year as things get more advanced in 4th grade, her teachers and principal asked me to get her seen by a doctor to see if medication will help her. They said they feel she might be able to do so much better with medication. Even with the small class and so much personnel attention she is really having a hard time. I found a good Doctor for her he gave her a pill and diagnosed her as having ADD she is not hyper. He dose the quotient test.if you havn’t heard of it please google it. quotient test for adhd.
After a few days. her teachers called me to thank me. They said she is doing so well. They were so amazed that the pill works so quickly.

Interestingly,  The side effects which we all know are so common are very noticeable. Her appetite reduced so much. So I decided not to give it to her on week ends. (With doctors orders) So she can enjoy a few good meals.

The main reason for this post:
Since I can remember, Almost every time she looks forward to something exciting. She gags and most of the time eventually vomits. I asked her pediatric doctor many times and the answer was not to worry.  It is something she has to learn not to do.  I mentioned to the Doctor who diagnosed her ADHD and got a very similar answer. 
It is not something she is afraid of, or anxious about. It is something she want to do but still vomits.  Anyone deal with this?
Another interesting habit she has, which is getting much better now, she smells her finger all the time. She is doing this since a very young age. just keeps a finger to her nose until I ask her to take it away. It is much better. But strange,

Thanks for reading.


My daughter has some super odd habits too. Yes, she too used to smell stuff, including her fingers although that habit seems to have passed now. These days, she holds her saliva in her mouth and spits in the sink. She also obsessively washes her hands.

When she was littler (she’s now 10) and got excited like at a birthday party she would not uncommonly eat too much and then vomit. She’d also throw up easily when we took her out to eat and she smelled something strange (a very annoying trait!). She grew out of those behaviors.

I personally believe that these repetitive behaviors are a way of dealing with an overly-busy brain combined with personal restlessness.

It is not too bad if it doesn’t interfere significantly with her daily life, but if it starts to become consuming she needs to see her doctor or a therapist.

Posted by Lydia67 on Jan 04, 2014 at 2:27pm

Lydia67, Thanks for responding,

The interesting thing is that she vomits and moves on. Not that she becomes sick or anything. She just makes me very nervous and worried.

Posted by caringman on Jan 05, 2014 at 9:30pm

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