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Vyvance and Melatonin

My 5 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD a month ago and has been on 20 mg Vyvanse.  He has always had a problem falling asleep at night but seemed to get worse after taking the Vyvanse.  The doctor suggested trying 1 to 2 mg Melatonin at night to help him sleep and that did wonders as instead of being in bed awake for over an hour now falls asleep in about 20 minutes.  However his teacher just emailed me to let me know that the last couple of days at school has been like it was before he started his Vyvanse as he seems lost and not sure what he should be doing, not being able to keep focused and getting in trouble for not listening.  I did not think Melatonin would affect his Vyvanse med but now being to wonder if it is or is it that he has been on Vyvanse for a month now an may need an increase in dose?


my daughter 9 years old, is on 20 mg of vyvsnse as well. She was diagnosed in December. Her teachers noticed a difference in her focusing and did so the first week she was taking it. They called to thank me for getting her the help. And its amazing how my daughter is so aware of how it makes her feel. She was much more quiet before. Now she ecpresses her self so well. She told me, now I don’t just sit there and stear at things. She never complained about it before.
About the not being able to fall sleep, I think it is a known side effect of vyvanse. Besides the reduced appetite, this was the second big thing we notice with vyvsnse . It takes her much longer to fall asleep.  Some nights its better than others. Sleep is so important, she always went to sleep early enough so if it takes her up to an hour to fall asleep at times she only sleeps from 9 to 7ish which should be enough for a nine year old. The thing is it becomes very frustrating for the child. To lay there with all the thoughts for so long. She used to be so exhausted that she fell asleep even if people spoke in the house. Now its harder.
About melatonin, I’m currently taking it. But it doesn’t help much with a full night sleep. Im tsking it for over a yesr. I was diagnosed ADHD a few weeks ago but I’m not currently medicated for it. I need to go back to the doctor. But now that I have ADHD my not being able to sleep has s whole new understanding. I dont have a problem falling asleep it the waking up and the dreaming that frustrates me. 
About teachers claim.
I also at time wonder if the melatonin has dome kind of sensitive effect even after s whole night. But for me its confusing because I don’t get enough sleep either.
But if your child is on the meds for only a few weeks. It could very well be that she is not getting enough. But I personally would rather not give the melatonin for s few days first and see if her groggy ness improved. Rather have go on to bed 20 minutes early with a story or CD that will make her sleepy. Then having to jump to a higher dose. But then again who knows, it might be needed. And that is something I’d discuss with the prescribing doctor.
All the best.

Posted by caringman on Jan 22, 2014 at 2:05am

Sorry, correction to my prior post.
about the melatonin. I was saying that I wonder about the seditive effect.
One more thing. Ask teacher to explain what the changes in her behavior are. Is it like before the meds? Or is it different. I think all these questions are important before you go to the doctor.
Example why its important:
My daughters teacher is very happy with her focusing but she just recently mentioned something that she nor et mentioned. She says my between subjects my daughter has a hard time getting back on track. Transitioning I’d hard for her. Were before she was very quiet and didn’t speak up so much. But if we remember that she is on medication, and if remember that this is a stimulant we could understand why she is not sitting like a statue like she used too. But all this in fo will be related to the doctor when we go back.

Posted by caringman on Jan 22, 2014 at 2:19am

My Son was on the same medication and dosage. I also gave him melatonin at night& it did not seem to affect him if I gave it to him pretty early in the evening. A 5 y/o needs about 11 hours of sleep a day.. so making sure he is getting that is crucial. Also, if he has only been on the medication less than a month, than he probably needs a med eval. (I think they’re every 6 weeks). The medication can start working and over time, his body will get used to that dose and might require an increased amount. Good luck! I am so excited for this site. We now all know that we’re not alone in this crazy battle:)

Posted by BridgeD87 on Jan 24, 2014 at 10:08pm

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