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Parents of ADHD Children

Vyvanse & Abilify

I have a 10yr old adopted son.  He was on a bevy of medications prior to being placed with me.  Eventually he was weaned off of the majority and then placed on Adderall, Sertroline, and Clonodine.  His temper tantrums continued, defiance diminished, lying continued, impulse control (lack thereof) continued.  Of course we are in weekly therapy for coping skills, etc.  Met with a doctor who has weaned him off of the 3 above meds and is now on Vyvanse & Abilify.  He is turning into a child who has more “good” days than bad days.  His temper trantrums no longer last over 1 1/2 hours, more like 30 minutes; his managing of impulse control is getting a bit better; lying remains persistent (and drives me nuts!..because he admits - much later of course - he was lying); defiance is perhaps “normal” for a 10year old (? whatever that means?).  Curious to know if others have experience with Vyvanse/Abilify combination.


Ability very low dose was wonderful- helped him get to sleep at night and seemed calmer and less fidgety. The Vyvanse was a big disaster - after a couple of months we noticed he was getting much more irritable than before, fighting a lot more with all of us and eventually became very aggressive before we quit! I will only do non- stimulants now after we took a long break with Abilify as the only med during that time. It took a few weeks to get Vyvanse out of his system but he was such a sweet boy again!

Posted by Super3boys on Mar 27, 2014 at 4:50pm

I have a 9 and a half year old daughter that was diagnosed with ADHD last November.  I try to manage her without medication but it got really too much. Three day ago she was Vyvanse. She seemed a little more restless; but I’m try to give it a chance it’s still too early to tell

Posted by jewel45 on Mar 28, 2014 at 6:50am

My son, who is 9, isn’t on Abilify, an atypical anti-psychotic, but he still speaks without thinking. I don’t know if that is the same as lying. However, I have been told that, when you ask them something, kids with ADD will say the first thing that pops into their head. It is said that this is more of a function or dysfunction rather of impassivity rather than actual lying. None the less, it is an annoying habit. When my son does this, I have been told that I am to remain calm and ask him to reconsider his answer. Sometimes he thinks about it and tells the truth. Sometimes he tries to justify what he said previously because he in his narrow way of thinking, he is telling the truth. This is when he gets into trouble, especially when I am just asking him for information and he wouldn’t be in trouble for answering a question either way. But, then I have give him a consequence because this is not an adaptive way of behaving. After he calms down, I explain what he should have done and we move on. The bad news is that he still does this. The good news is that he isn’t doing it out of deviance. The other good news is that he doesn’t do it as often as he used to. If you want him to be less impulsive, I suggest a non-stimulant med like Intuniv, which is neither a stimulant or an anti-psychotic. It might help. But, if you are unwilling to try this, you’ll just have to be patient with him.

I hope this is helpful and not offensive to you.
Susan in PC, Ohio

Posted by SueH on Mar 28, 2014 at 5:56pm

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