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ADHD at Work

What do I wanna be when I grow up?

I am recently unemployed again. As a child I was diagnosed with ADD and put on medication which (I) never took because I always believed that there is nothing wrong with ME! During my elementary years I was bullied and socially promoted* I managed to graduate with F’s & D’ s* yay me! I went on to high school and became a nobody(invisible) so I created drama eventually dropping out after spending 4 lovely years and only earned enough credits to be a freshman. I thought myself how to read by reading the ads on the train and obtaining my GED in 2009 taught me how to count.oh I forgot to mention I graduated elementary school in 1995.

~Just a little history~ by now you probably figured out the side effects of MY ADHD. If not stay tuned.

I know what I wanna say but when I say it but when I say it people OR the person looks like they wanna say ° NO THE F*** you didn’t just say that° and I’m like yea what’s WRONG!? I can’t tell what’s appropriate to say and what’s not. Well need I say that’s why I’m unemployed. I love to TALK. Well AFTER spending the last 5 years offending people I wanna be different. Do something meaningful with this energy but I just don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up career wise that is.
Any advise for this talkative highly energised Woman?


I too, love to talk! It’s listening I often have a hard time with. That being said, I myself am looking into outlets for that love of talking, that are not necessarily related to my job.

I am considering starting my own podcast. Talking about what exactly I am not sure, but I am just going to start talking about things that get me riled up. I would suggest the same to you. It can help with that feeling of needing to let your thoughts out of your head.

As far as a career goes, sales seems to be something right up your alley. However, you will have to get some help in finding ways you can train yourself to recognize when you are doing or saying things that upset others.

I for one, have difficulty not speaking my mind, in meetings. Especially if I disagree with someone. I have learned that I can be overbearing (hard to believe), so now, I bring a notepad to every meeting & I write down notes on what I want to say and look at them before I say anything out loud. It has helped me immensely! I also visualize myself slamming the brakes on my car before I start to argue. It has helped me. Not to say I don’t still speak out of turn but it has vastly improved.

Posted by Lynniechinchin on Mar 06, 2014 at 7:24pm

Hi MM,
I think you are right that there is nothing wrong with you. You may get someone to help you with some communications ideas. Even a few ideas may provide ways of avoiding some pitfalls.
But in the meantime, where are you most appreciated? And who most appreciates you? The more time you can spend with these people in those places the better.

Posted by John Tucker, PhD, ACG. ADHD Coach on Mar 08, 2014 at 4:13pm

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