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What does it mean by hyperactive?

Sometimes, when I get excited, my mind rushes really fast it’s hard for me to concentrate. There have been times when I said ” why wont this brain shut off”, but I not physically hyperactive.

Does this count as hyperactivity, or does hyperactivity in ADHD only mean physically (like running around, not sitting still, etc) ?


I’m no expert and am pretty new to this having been officially diagnosed just two weeks ago and have been researching for about a month, but the symptoms you describe seem to fit more into the “inattentive” category than the “hyperactive” one.

While the term ADHD has been coined to include hyperactivity, it is NOT a prerequisite condition, and many ADHD sufferers are not hyper in the slightest, especially females.

I suffer from both, but when I’m hyper I pace my apartment like a caged lion talking to myself, bite at my hands, bounce my leg at about 80 bpm, and shift positions an abnormal number of times, among other things.

I’m a 38 year old male that has suffered from both my entire life.

The “hyperactive” topic seems to be hot button of late, as people are questioning the high number of young males diagnosed compared with a proportionally low number of females. The worry is that “boys being boys” are being diagnosed with ADHD and being medicated for simple rambunctiousness, while children of both sexes without the hyperactivity but with other ADHD symptoms aren’t being diagnosed properly.

Posted by Bumr50 on Jan 27, 2014 at 6:51pm

Sometimes around that time of the month, my brain will NOT shut up. Last night, I couldn’t sleep,so I pulled another all nighter…. Benedryl for my allergies helps. About a few days before that time of the month, I swear I could go without sleep for 3 days.. Does this bother anyone at nighttime???

Posted by Lilapsophile on Jan 31, 2014 at 8:20pm

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