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Parents of ADHD Children

What kind of DHA/EPA/EFA/OMEGA have you had success with?

I am new here and reading a lot today about fish oils and EPA and DHA but I am still WAY overwhelmed!!!  And I apologize if my question is the same as someone else as I am new here and still finding my way around.

My son is 6 and takes 54mg of Concerta which he seems to be doing alright with but if fish oils will also help then I would love to try it.  I have been giving him DHA Lil Critters and Complete Lil Critters every night but it doesn’t have any EPA and doesn’t seem to be high in DHA…

I just have some questions I can’t find answers to yet:

Can he take Concerta in the morning WITH a fish oil or is that better to take in the evening?  Do they interact?

What kind???  EFA or EPA or DHA or Omega 3 or Omega 6???  I know each kid is different but I REALLY need some specific direction on this.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice anyone has!!!


Omega3 is natural, so I’m pretty sure you can give it anytime.  We do it with dinner because that’s when everyone gets vitamins, so it’s easiest to remember then.  Plus then it’s not two things to have to swallow down at once in the morning.

You’re looking for Omega 3.  There are guidelines for how much DHA and EPA there needs to be, but I don’t know those off the top of my head.  The one we have has 800mg of EPA and 500mg of DHA.  It’s a liquid with a lemon flavour.  And our paediatrician said to give our 11 year old 1 1/2 teaspoons (7.5mL) even though the bottle says adults should get 10mL.

It helps… probably.  But it’s nothing miraculous like medication.  It’s like a good night’s sleep, or a meal with lots of protein, or at least an hour of exercise… all good things, but just a drop in the bucket really.

Posted by Rai0414 on Mar 27, 2014 at 12:42am

In Dr. Amen’s recent webinar on (listen to archive here:, he recommended a ration of 60/40 EPA/DHA. He also recommended a dosage of 1-2 grams per day for children and 3-4 grams per day for adults.

The children’s omegas contain tiny dosages. His recommendations are his own omega blend, called Omega-3 Power, or Coromega or Barlean’s Omega Swirl.

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Mar 27, 2014 at 4:26pm

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