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ADHD in Women

Where should I start?

Hi there. Although I have a son who is being treated for ADHD, I never really thought I might have it myself. I have struggled for many MANY years (pretty much my whole life) with insecurity, feeling overwhelmed, over/under achieving, procrastination, perfectionism..the list goes on! I always thought my challenges were depression/anxiety! I didn’t have behavior problems in school, and I was really an excellent student. I actually did much better in school—even graduate school—than I have done in LIFE!

However, after trying pretty much every anti-depressant, I’ve been at my wits’ end because nothing seems to work. I’ve struggled with work, with friendships, with DRAMA, and I’ve been so worried that I was losing my mind! I’ve always felt like I must have some huge character flaw or something.

Anyway, after another visit to talk about trying a new antidepressant, my primary-care physician told me recently that he feels like ADD is actually my primary diagnosis. I started taking focalin just this afternoon, and I can’t believe how much I’ve been able to accomplish! But there’s so much catch-up work to do!

Anyway, I am determined to get my life in order somehow, but I don’t know where to start. I am 39, I have 5 kids, and I feel like my life is a wreck. I think I put on a good show, but I’m tired of just putting on a show. I want to find ME!

I am looking for moral support, suggestions on how to begin this journey, and HOPE! I want to be the mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, PERSON I was meant to be.  I welcome any tips! grin Thanks! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



It is so comforting hearing your story. I’m also just going through this whole process of being diagnosed and its very overwhelming.

I know you have a busy life but you will get through this. It will be your priority and you will find a way. I mean you have made it this far, grad school, 5 kids, etc. That is more than the average person can handle, so believe in yourself and all the rest will follow….....

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by hibz on Nov 28, 2013 at 3:42pm

Looks to me like you already have a good start by being here. Congratulations!  For me it’s been a series of “starts”. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is stop.  When I first received my diagnosis my mind was spinning with what to do and emotion I also had children,family,my own business etc.  Be kind to yourself! Take a deep breath, you will know.  And you are already building a good support system and getting information.  Geez! I even ramble on when writing. Oh well will have to work on that. smile

Posted by lejeune333 on Nov 29, 2013 at 5:54am

Read as much as you can,Your son has ADHD so it’ll help both of you. I’m a terrible reader but keep going over it till it sinks in. There’s a lot of books for women a, adults and children. The groups on here are great for someone “Just Diagnosed” to local group support. Find if there a ADHD dr. or support group or life coach in your area. Hospitals, libraries and schools have a lot of resources to guide you with ADHD too. I’ve sat in on some free lectures/meetings and groups there and it may be 1-2 hours but the internet is amazing at searching stuff in your area. It’s a constant battle for me but I feel somewhat more in control if I find apps to help my self focus on time mangement techniques too. Lots out there for you and your son. Don’t give up!  Do it for you and your children.

Posted by Maryquitecontrary on Nov 29, 2013 at 9:47pm

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