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Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults)

Where to go next jobwise after recent diagnosis?

Today is my first day on this website. I was diagnosed ADD on Friday, after losing my job a few weeks ago.

I have had and lost jobs due (in hindsight) to ADD in architecture and engineering. I am a licensed architect, and am considering starting my own practice, daunting though that is. I am scared to death of not having a stable income during this time, and am considering taking on a job that will pay the bills as long as necessary to establish myself. I have been thinking about jobs that are suitable for someone with ADD, and that pay a decent enough wage to fulfill this role. I may not be thinking clearly about this, but I have considered driving a truck for awhile. Is this crazy? Does anyone else have a similar situation? Any ideas about “infill” jobs for a professional? I just read an article on about full stop unemployment and the need to move forward just to get going again…


I know it’s been over a year, since you asked your question, and I’m newly diagnosed, but I’ll give it a try.

Even though I am newly diagnosed, I have always known that I had been performing sub par. I am a degreed engineer, with an MBA, and kept getting fired from jobs. in hindsight, my trouble in obtaining my degrees should have been a clue. It took me 4x as long to finish projects, because I was always zoning out, etc. So, I decided to become an auto mechanic. I excel at working with my hands, and thrived in the fast- paced environment. I always joked about how I was over qualified for the position…education wise.

Anyway, I had to get used to a decrease in pay. However, the flip side, is that it required a lot of energy, which left me drained, and incorporated many of my (unknown at the time) adhd qualities. Unfortunately, I hurt my back, and am now faced with what can I do that is similar to that blue collar job. As a matter of fact, it was this present situation that has caused me to finally seek an answer to all of my performance issues, dating back a life time…

Posted by Dxadhd@48 on Dec 31, 2014 at 12:46am

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